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CIA? -Canon Imaging Academy

Do you want to take pictures like this???


Or like this?

Or like this? (obviously, self-promotion is in progress…)

or this?

If you do and if you want to take such great shots like the above, its easy to achieve!

(p.s. all the shots above are taken by my dear Canon 500D)


All you have to do is to purchase a Canon EOS DSLR camera, an Ixus or PowerShot or even that latest camcorder from Legria series!

Now, how do you get up to speed with their capabilities? Sure, you can read the manual but nothing beats that time-honoured tradition of going to a school to get your basics down pat.

Here’s where Canon Imaging Academy come in. Very much like its doppelganger of an acronym, CIA – the Canon Imaging Academy have some of the most intelligent trainers within its ranks. Offering you the sweet spot of going up several levels of proficiency on the device you own.

And I was one of the pioneer students! Trust me, its all fun!!!


The Canon Imaging Academy have planned 70 photography courses, 20 local outings, 10 overseas trips, and free product trainings which will engage a target of 15,000 shutterbugs this year. Courses planned for 2011 include basic photography, intermediate photography, strobist, studio lighting, creative photography and editing with DPP courses.

The CIA will also introduce videography courses in 2011 to meet the increasing demand of enthusiasts who enjoy creating movies using Canon’s LEGRIA camcorders. For those who prefer a greater emphasis on hands-on experience, the CIA will also offer photography outings and overseas photo clinics. Each of the courses is designed to suit the varying skill-levels of participants from beginners to intermediate.

The Canon Imaging Academy offers Basic and intermediate photography courses, Basic videography courses, Studio portraiture and lighting workshops, Digital imaging post-processing workflow and many more.

Opening hours for Canon Imaging Academy are as follow:

Monday-Fridays: 11am-9pm
Saturdays: 11am-3pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

For more information, please call 6274 2719 or visit www.canon.com.sg/training

About Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

Canon is a global leader in photographic and digital imaging solutions. Canon Singapore Pte Ltd is the headquarters for South & Southeast Asia driving sales, marketing and service strategies. Besides handling the domestic market, the company leads 18 other countries including subsidiaries in India, Malaysia, Thailand and a representative office in Vietnam. The parent company Canon Inc has a global network of more than 200 companies and employs more than 160,000 people worldwide. It is dedicated to the advancement in technology and innovation and commits about 10% of its total revenue each year to R&D. Canon is consistently one of the top few companies to earn the most number of patents over the last 18 years. As a Fortune Global 500 company, Canon is guided by its kyosei philosophy that focuses on living and working together for the common good.

More information is available at www.canon.com.sg

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Nokia N8 with David Archuleta! (omg, he is so cute)

SingTel is the first and only teleco operator (for the time being) to bring in the Nokia N8 and it has been available from 5th November 2010 onwards. To celebrate the launch of N8 and together with Sony Music, they have brought in David Archuleta(Wikipedia).

Just in case you are wondering who is David Archuleta , he is the runner-up of the seventh season of American Idol and he is the guy who sang Crush.

and he is SOOOO CUTE!!! LOLs. He remind me greatly of someone dear..


Yup, thats David, singing Crush with just a piano. I didnt realised that his voice was really good.




N.E.mation-ing my worm.

Recently 24seven communications invited me for a short N.E.mation class held at Nanyang Polytechnic where i get to learn how to animate objects to convey messages across in a more fun way.


ok, SO what is N.E.mation? Before, i go on any further and confuse you:

N.E.mation! is a competition for Singapore youths to express their notions on Total Defence through animation.
Encouraged by the success of the five TD animation clips featured in the National Day Rally in 2006, Nexus and Animagine has jointly organised N.E.mation! to provide a creative platform for students to express their personal ideas about Total Defence.


So, i pair up with the ever fun-loving Sidney for the workshop.

(ok, so, my SD card was corrupted, and that also with my 100++ photos from the event. I am very bumped about it, so i am using the official photos from the event and also grabbing some other bloggers photos. Sigh! So, i was hoping i can win the camera so that i wont come into such situation anymore?? Can judges????? Pleaseee……)

Sidney, looking way to serious. But i guess, thats why we are a team. I am competitive when it comes to such things.

Joshua and his instructors from Animagine were there to share with us what Animation is all about. Their passion and love for Animation have helped to nurture many artists and storytellers to tell their stories through animation. Animation is supposed to be fun, useful, able to express the theme it is trying to communicate with the viewers.

We were also told of the different types of animation and SURPRISED, we were told that we will get to try on one type of animation – CLAYMATION! Yup, clay = plasticine. It definately bring back fond memories when i was in school where i can play and create things with the plasticine!!!!!


The ultimate task:

To create a worm character and present a story via a stop-motion video at the end of the session.

Of course, the materials and software used were well-prepared of. Other then the plasticine, we were given moulding tools to work on. On top of that, Joshua gave us a short 10minute guide on how to make a worm.

Thats my hands, creating the eyes. I was inspired by a friend of mine who has big bulging eyes, and also Colbie Callait song.. something to do with blue eyes…

Fixing it…










TADA!! Our worm!!! Cute eh?


And then, the animating process starts!

We have to create a storyline (or kinda) and plan how our little worm moves, or what its going to do.

Its not easy. Full co-ordination required. I was animating the worm while Sid is capturing the movement, frame by frame!


Guess what happened to our worm????





















And the final results….


Cool eh??? It turned into a butterfly. That flutters. Ok, i was also Mariah Carey inspired. Her Chirstmas album in HAWT!


And there you, the graduates of the 3 hour animation workshop.

I really has so much fun!


It took us more than an hour to produce this short 6 seconds clip. A lot of effort has been put into this video and getting it done was no easy job at all, especially you need to make something dead becomes alive. Not to mention, the fun and laughter that goes with it!


So, do you want to animate something?


Before you click away, do you know that Animation plays an essential part in Singapore?

With only 300 students in the first season, N.E. Mation! has grown to attract over 2000 participants this season- N.E. Mation!5. Since its inception, over 5,200 students from 148 different schools have submitted their stories to N.E. Mation!. YEAY!!!

Several of the 45 clips produced so far have won local and overseas accolades over the years, such as the Mediacorp Viewers Choice and the Annecy Awards(it’s like Oscars in the Animation World, glam glam glam!!!)

This is my favourite clip, ‘Mingle with Lingo’ by Cresent Girls’ School which was awarded the “Prizes for Effort” in the DigiCon Award 2009. The team had used magazine cut-outs in order to produce this wonderful clip. Very localised! I like.

The theme of N.E.Mation!5: Singapore is our home.

The concept of home can mean different things to different people. It can mean a roof over our heads to just a place in our heart when we feel displaced and lost. What does ‘home’ means to this year’s contestants?

This year, out of 100 shortlisted clips from hundreds of submitted stories, the top 10 clips were chosen and will be judged by a panel of judges(50%) and open for public voting(50%).

What you can do!?

You can vote for THREE of your favourite clips in January 2011.

The Champion Team announced will be able to FLY TO USA for their award! I also want!!!! I will post more info when it comes but i guess, you can start planning on what you want to do next year so that you can also try to win this competition and fly to the US!



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Merah Pawana.

Three veteran shakers of the Malay arts scene makes an explosive recipe for either a collective outputor competing inputs. Each having multiple expertise and wide-reaching visions, how would a novelscript, big directions and authentic sounds come together?

Teater Ekamatra presents Merah Pawana.

Merah Pawana is a story of strangers coming to one’s lands; of the changes, beneficial and tumultuous, that comes fromthis; and who one is amidst this.The land of Berantah is divided between followers of a native spiritual guru and a foreign faith. By the pitting ofwealth against tradition, Berantah becomes a land devoid of peace. Dilemmas of religion and practice soonbecome confused with that of money and politics.Berantah finds itself to be the centre of the struggle for dominance between the old and the new. One young boy,Merah, urges his people to reclaim their identity. At the same time, they live in fear of a prophesized disaster, apawana that would sweep the land of Berantah. Will this pawana ruin and cleanse? And what will stand after?To be held at the historic Fort Gate, this parable of the cultural and religious colonization of two tribes, invitesthe Malay community to re-look their historical and cultural position.

This grand scale production that will makeuse of traditional Malay dance, music and stories even as it speaks of the contemporary society, aims to convertnon-theatre goers into coming for a family-friendly, community event. MERAH PAWANA reaffirms the value ofart and theatre for the community, and the importance of the community for art and theatre.

Merah Pawana

Fort Canning Gate

Show Nights: 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st November 2010, 8pm

$45 / $35 (Student Concession)Group Promotions : $140 / $120 (Student Concession) for 4 tickets

Tickets from http://www.onetickethub.com or AXS machines.

Email ticketing@ekamatra.org.sg for group bookings and enquiries.

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EMObot your feelings.

Following the recent launch of the National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign, let’s think positive together with Breathe.sg. J

Yes,  we can do that by either breathing in hard (no pun intended) or go to Facebook. The Health Promotion Board has developed the Emobot – a unique Facebook app that aims to promote positive thinking amongst youths via the empowering influence of music.

Yes, an app to show you what music you should be listening depending on your mood. Its like a super genius music selector!

Launched a fews ago,  you can just share with Emobot how you’re feeling and it will play you a song that best captures your mood. It also includes a tip on staying positive.
Your song will then be posted on your FB wall for your friends to know how you’re feeling. In return, your friends can also cheer you up with a song in reply to your mood. J

Wait no further! Head over to Breathe.sg’s Facebook page and check out Emobot!!!

Its kinda fun, but they dont have some of my favourite emo words. But its worth the try!! So, whats your song?