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CUT by Wolfgang Puck is just…. (Sorry, I am lost for words)

CUT restaurant in Singapore is the third location for master chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck’s critically acclaimed, award-winning Beverly Hills steakhouse of the same name in the Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel. Widely acknowledged as one of the most popular restaurants in the United States, CUT has raised the bar within the fine dining industry and the Richard Meier-designed LA location has garnered high praise from prestigious publications including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times (Three Stars), Wall Street Journal and Wine Spectator and was named one of the top three steakhouses in America by Bon Appetit Magazine.

I was at Cut by Wolfgang Puck for a dinner recently and all I can say is that its worth every cent that you spent in that restaurant.

CUT's Entrance

CUT's Main Dining Room

The restaurant was busy when we arrived for dinner. We were escorted into a fairly large private room at the back…seats probably 40 packed. But that evening, we were about 30 I think. The decor is elegant and classy… dark with lighting accents. And walls upon walls of fine wine.

Before we get to order, the very handsome, suave, sexy and insightful server went with us a tour of the meat selection. There are so many to choose from, depending on what is your preference. Choices, choices, choices.

 Can you see the marbling of the meat? orgasmic!!!

So, now for the REAL meat.

For starters, I had a super yummy Maine Lobster, American Blue Crab And Shrimp “Louis,” Spicy Tomato-Horseradish .

The texture of the whole dish is surprising very light, refreshing and tasty at the same time. Although, there are too much parsley in the mix though… I like it!!

I also nibbled away some of the Tuna Tatare with avocado from my boss… Super yummy…

 The tatare taste very fresh and again tasty tasty tasty. I never had a tatare before so i was very surprised by the texture of it.

And now, for the mains.

I have decided for an American Wagyu / Angus “Kobe Style” Beef From Snake River Farms, Idaho. Woohooo! It was apparently not the so popular one but the whole sound of it is just…. exciting, isnt it?

 TADA! Yes, you order meat, they will serve you meat. ONLY.

I know it looks weird like that. but trust me, the moment you put a chuck of that in your mouth, it will just melt in your mouth. The steak was so tender, juicy and yummy yummy yummy. I had to stop making my sexy orgasmic face everytime i has a bite.

 Yes, of course we ordered sides to eat with our steak. I had a stir-fried mushroom.

My friend also had the Baby Chicken Cooked On The Rotisserie, Black Truffle, Natural Jus….

Well, not really a baby chicken i would say…

 And, we almost had a decadent moment cause some of us decided to have adult grape juice aka wine. We ask for recommandation and they gave us this one.

 Ok, this bottle of wine cost SGD40,000.00. Yes, thats a lot of 0’s in the price. We were told that the wine maker only made 500 bottles a year.

 Napa Valley wine. hmmmmnn……..

Nah, we didnt had the wine. its too expensive (you think) and we were told that thats not the best wine they have. its all marketing and hype and thats why they cost so much.

We had an Aussie wine instead. still as good and only 1/15 of the price.

 And for desserts, i had a  Dark Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé. The whole dessert thingy was such an experience for me, i actually took a video of it.

Just watch how they prepare my Dark Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé!

I am not going to reveal how much was spend for dinner last night but i guess you can make it out from the menu below how much we need to fork out.


So, if you have extra cash, and feel like having some meat, you should definitely go to CUT. Make sure you make appointment ok.

Cut by Wolfgang Puck
Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore
10 Bayfront Avenue

6 p.m. – 10 p.m., Sunday – Thursday
6 p.m. – 11 p.m., Friday & Saturday

6688 8517


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Are suffering from Food Coma too?

I know its Ramadan, but I can’t help it that i keep thinking about food. And its consequences. LOL

What is a food coma?
Despite the seemingly comical name, this is actually a medically recognized condition known as post-prandial somnolence. Unlinke a real coma, food coma is the completely natural feeling of fatigue you get when you’ve finished eating a meal. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the meal, the harder you’ll fall asleep.

What causes it?
Swallowing your food is only the first step to developing a food coma. After being partially digested by the powerful acids of the stomach, it’s on to the intestines, where the food-induced sleepiness really begins. Nutrients in the food trigger a chain reaction that starts with blood and energy being diverted to aid in digestion and away from the “non-essential” functions of the body like exercise and muscle exertion. The more “essential” function at hand is getting nutrients into the bloodstream. This and the hormonal changes caused by glucose — AKA energy — uptake by your body to make you feel very, very sleepy. Sweet dreams!

Possible Side Effects
Friends, loved ones or co-workers may take advantage of your comatose state to stick things up your nostrils or draw mustaches on you with permanent markers.


I m lucky this month! Come September, it is going to be an everyday affair!!!