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[Event] HP ‘AMP’ a gift this Christmas + 40th Anniversary Party

HP recently launched their Christmas campaign and i was one of the lucky ones who got the preview before anyone else. There weer very cool gadgets on display but the best gadget that i like the most is the 3D laptop. Imagine watching movies on that?! I was on the 3D laptop booth for a very long time.

Yup, thats me all over the 3D laptops counter!

But, the main focus during that event was when HP Singapore asked the bloggers this question : “How would you ‘AMP’ a gift this Christmas?” (You can check out other bloggers’ stories on the HP Facebook FanPage)

No doubt, i am a Muslim (a naughty one that is) but nonetheless, Christmas always reminds me of snow, gifts and joyous occasion with family and friends. Now, that set me thinking. How i would AMP-lify the joy this Christmas?


I would want to spend one whole day in the SPCA with all the cute and adorable cats.

I think you all remember that i used to have a cat right? Yes, used to. Due to some complications and custody issues, I am no longer the cat’s parent. And i do miss my dear cat. Cats are like humans too. They understand you.


I mean, how can you not love this cue furry thing?

Cat! Yes, thats his name. His cutesy name would be Mitzy.

Cat! So handsome!


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a registeredanimal welfare charity with IPC status.

The SPCA is not a government agency. They rely on donations from their supporters to continue our important role as animal protector. They receive approximately 600 pets and stray animals every month.

And that is how i would AMPed my Christmas. A lot of love to give!


Anyone up for a fun day with the Mitzys with me in the SPCA?


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Nokia N8 with David Archuleta! (omg, he is so cute)

SingTel is the first and only teleco operator (for the time being) to bring in the Nokia N8 and it has been available from 5th November 2010 onwards. To celebrate the launch of N8 and together with Sony Music, they have brought in David Archuleta(Wikipedia).

Just in case you are wondering who is David Archuleta , he is the runner-up of the seventh season of American Idol and he is the guy who sang Crush.

and he is SOOOO CUTE!!! LOLs. He remind me greatly of someone dear..


Yup, thats David, singing Crush with just a piano. I didnt realised that his voice was really good.