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Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Now, what have I done?

So, i just ended my super long national service aka reservists and i find myself sighing a lot during the field-camp.

Yes, thats me in full camo on. I just wanna breakout into the Defying Gravity number everytime i see my green face.

Yes its a stressful period but i just couldn’t help myself sighing at every opportunity when i can. I mean, i am going out of my comfort zone during field-camp, braving the harsh weather and exhausting my physical energy, while trying to keep a company of 50 running well with the tasks brought down upon us. And all my commanders and my men below me keep reminding me not to sigh so much because its bad for me.

But why is sighing bad for us? I find it quite a relieve every time i sigh but apparently, thou shall not sigh too much. Is there any medical research about it or is it just some mid-wife tale? After much research, this is the most interesting article that i found.

So, sighing is something we do whenever we are bored, and to which we give little to no importance. But, actually, the act of sighing is more important than you may think.

Actually, and in spite of normally being an act done unconsciently, sighing has been recognized for having a positive impact on our mind and body, because it is a simple but effective way to release innter tensions and to normalize your breathing rate.

Besides doing it in times when you are not at your best shape, you should also sigh whenever you feel the need to.

And, to experience relaxation using, you should sighing as an exercise for that effect, you should not matter about the sounds you may emit whilst air leaves your lungs towards the exterior.

We can compare sighing to opening a soda bottle: when you decide to energically shake the bottle and immediately remove the bottle cap, the tension inside the bottle will be released, and after that, the inside of the bottle will be in a state of normality.

And like as in opening a soda bottle, sighing as a conscientious act is a method of relief from negative thoughts “trapped” inside ourselves, a method to achieve relaxation.

By the way, have you ever questioned yourself on why you sigh whenever you fell tired or sad?

Well, surely that you do not do that just so that others can realise you are not on top of your game! Whilst this may be a consequence of sighing, the real cause of sighing lies in the need of relief from the silent suffering that originates from tensions and bad feelings that we keep to ourselves.

Consequently, when tensions build one over the other, when we tend not to express these feelings with other people or to find alternative ways to “lose steam”, we will be bound to reach saturation point some time soon, with the consequence being the release of these feelings suddenly and in violent fashion.


Sighing is a great counter to what may be at sometimes a psychiatric study case, by being a great anti-stress method, which is free of charge too!

As for breathing, we do it as an automatic act, and most of the times we don’t take the time to access our breathing rate.

Note that by simply realizing this, you are instantly executing a relaxation exercise, thus being a relief from inner tensions as well, and maintaining your health – both physically and mentally.

The key to relaxation through breathing exercises is simply to breathe deeply.

Ok, so now, i get back to my sighing, thank you very much.


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Love is …



Have you ever wrote 30 over SMS messages and deleted it over and over again? Is it that difficult to send someone a simple message without emotional guilt and reservations? I tried and I failed miserably. I lost count of the number of times I pressed the “DELETE” button after having written about 2 pages of words. In this modern age it’s so easy to avoid facial contact and emotional entanglement with just a simple text message.

And yet at this very age called modern times, I going through prehistoric pains to just send a god-forsaken message. It’s not that I am writing him a novel or dissertation and yet I can’t seemed to press the “SEND” button!

As such I conclude that Love is not only blind, it is also mute, deaf and dumb!