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Merah Pawana.

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Three veteran shakers of the Malay arts scene makes an explosive recipe for either a collective outputor competing inputs. Each having multiple expertise and wide-reaching visions, how would a novelscript, big directions and authentic sounds come together?

Teater Ekamatra presents Merah Pawana.

Merah Pawana is a story of strangers coming to one’s lands; of the changes, beneficial and tumultuous, that comes fromthis; and who one is amidst this.The land of Berantah is divided between followers of a native spiritual guru and a foreign faith. By the pitting ofwealth against tradition, Berantah becomes a land devoid of peace. Dilemmas of religion and practice soonbecome confused with that of money and politics.Berantah finds itself to be the centre of the struggle for dominance between the old and the new. One young boy,Merah, urges his people to reclaim their identity. At the same time, they live in fear of a prophesized disaster, apawana that would sweep the land of Berantah. Will this pawana ruin and cleanse? And what will stand after?To be held at the historic Fort Gate, this parable of the cultural and religious colonization of two tribes, invitesthe Malay community to re-look their historical and cultural position.

This grand scale production that will makeuse of traditional Malay dance, music and stories even as it speaks of the contemporary society, aims to convertnon-theatre goers into coming for a family-friendly, community event. MERAH PAWANA reaffirms the value ofart and theatre for the community, and the importance of the community for art and theatre.

Merah Pawana

Fort Canning Gate

Show Nights: 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st November 2010, 8pm

$45 / $35 (Student Concession)Group Promotions : $140 / $120 (Student Concession) for 4 tickets

Tickets from http://www.onetickethub.com or AXS machines.

Email ticketing@ekamatra.org.sg for group bookings and enquiries.


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