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Of Korea and Cats

I m just back from Seoul, South Korea and it had indeed been an eye-opener. The culture, the people, the architecture, the activities, the food. And I enjoyed every moment of it.

I leave you with my funky pic at the Palace (in case you missed me) and also the wonderful feline that I fell in love with at the Cat Cafe in Dongdaemum.


Quite an advertorial shot, no?



More to come soon.

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I’m still alive.

Hey ya’ll, I know i have been missing but i had the best beach holiday ever!

I was in Boracay!


It was so disgustingly good. I promise to blog about it soon, right after i sort out my 1200 photos from my camera!

In anycase, enjoy Boracay Island!

Taken with my Canon 500D in my 70 seater jet from Caticlan Airport.




By the way, did you know i just got mugged last night?

Did I told you i got mugged yesterday at Boat Quay? A bunch of Indian thugs cornered me and robbed me of 44 bucks from my wallet. Thank god they let me off after and didnt try to hurt me or stole something else. They were drunk, and rowdy, and there were 7 of them. I froze when they cornered me, fearing the worse. they could have punched me or stabbed me. i rather lose that 44 bucks.

I don’t believe that this can still happen in Singapore.