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N.E.mation7- Team SARScastic reveals all! And they need your help! #NE7C06


And peeps, presenting my 2nd team in the top 10 finalist for the N.E.mation 7,


From left: Deanna, Shi En, Karen & Jia Min

These super super hyper-active funny girls never failed to make me laugh every time I meet them up.

Studying diligently from Mayflower Secondary, these bunch of creative girls are the most up-to-date with the latest pop-culture, and music. And yes, they are super competitive and always love to jabs sarcasm at me.

And Dee (the one in the red Griffindor pullover) is the most funniest one of all, and yes she loves to munch!

Ok, time for the insider’s details:

Starting with Deanna of course!


  • Hails from the Philippines! Ko musta!
  • Have been in Singapore since the age of… well she cant remember…
  • Is the most musical one in the group (she also composed the song for their project!
  • Dee sang for me 2 of her original composed music (and i like it)
  • Dee made me stuck with the melody of Taylor Swift “We are never ever getting back together” until now
  • She love to munch, almost everything!
  • And she loves to make funny faces at me!

And that’s Dee, on my guitar! 🙂 I totally love this girl!!!

Next up, Karen.

  • Karen is like so camera shy, but once she hear the shutter snaps, she is always in a big smile!
  • A total Singaporean, Karen is super competitive
  • She is the most artistic one in the group
  • She is very good with creating things with her hands and she is super sharp to details
  • She likes … many things, and she is very secretive about it. (which means more digging needed!)

Next up, Shi En!

  • Shi En, is actually a very graceful girl
  • Well, because she is the dancer in the group (she can apparently do a split!!!)
  • She is the fierce one also, the leader of the pack
  • She is also surprisingly a very quiet girl (you have no idea how much i tried to get more info out of this lady)
  • But despite her quietness, she actually has a lot of “admirers” aka boys who likes her
  • She is also super meticulous with her work, driving her team mates to move ahead in this competition

And the last one, Jia Min.


  • Jia Min comes from Malaysia since she was very young
  • She still has her “kampung” in Malacca (i had an aunt who lives there too)
  • Unfortunately, she cannot understand Malay any more since Mandarin is her new mother tongue
  • Jia Min is the most sane one in the group, also the no-nonsense kind of girl
  • Super motivated and focused, she always pushes her team mate to stop goofing around and start working
  • And among all the 4 girls, she has the most “boy admirers” in the group (yes, she is Miss Popular!)


And there you go, the #talentedgirls #notsoMEANgirls of SARScastic.

Their group name  SARScastic is a self-explanatory and you could have guess what they are working on…

In any case, #SARScastic needs you help! They need your likes on Facebook. And how can you do that?


Just go to https://www.facebook.com/nemation and go to “SARScastic” and like them! Or just click HERE to like them!

The more likes they have, the higher their chances of winning!

So, please help me rally votes for these girls, and i promise to dig out their juicy scoops about them for you, and also their progress on their animation.

If you want to see more pictures, you gotta like me on Facebook,https://www.facebook.com/MforMusxzart  and you can see more funny behind the scene shots of them. Also, don’t forget to follow on me twitter so follow on their progress. My twitter handle is @musxzart.

Till then, please go like them. Now, i gotta scoop some more juicy bits and see how their progress is for their project.