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Have you planned your holidays yet? Now, I’ve got a deal for you!

AsiaRooms.com ends 2012 with

Mega Sale!

AsiaRooms.com launches inaugural annual Year End Sale!!! (YES!!!)

If you are in the midst of planning your big end year holiday, then, this is a treat for you!

AsiaRooms.com is offering deals from 120 of the most sought-after hotels in Asia in its inaugural Year End Sale (YES). The annual sale offers significant savings (up to 65 per cent) on hotels in popular destinations across Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea as well as Singapore and Hong Kong.

From 24 October 2012 to 27 November 2012, AsiaRooms.com will feature popular hotel accommodations in key Asian cities and regional beach holiday destinations in a series of six 24 and 48-hour sales, where customers can expect red-hot time limited offers.

“The destinations chosen for the inaugural AsiaRooms.com Year End Sale are hot spots for many holidaymakers during this time of the year, especially families and those looking for a short getaway during the year end season,” says Mr Clarence Lin, Brand Development Lead.

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Oasia Hotel Singapore, the only oasis in the city!

Oasia is Far East Hospitality’s newest hotel brand. It was launched in August 2011 and is the flagship property for Far East Hospitality in Singapore. It is situated near the Novena MRT, as well as the popular lifestyle shopping malls of Novena Square Velocity and Square 2. Oasia offers the convenience and accessibility that is catered to the  requirements and demands of the traveller.

I was invited to the Oasia Hotel recently and am impressed with it. Its external facade did not prepare me for the delightful surprise and warmth that welcomed me as I entered the premises.

Firstly, be prepared to walk in awe as you enter the lobby though, the interior decor which consist of high ceilings, large wooden seating area and a breath-taking stone wall, will only compel you to stay for awhile before checking into your room. The design is so chic and earthy that you feel so calm and relax.

There are four Club Suites, 100 Club rooms, 224 Deluxe rooms and 88 Superior rooms. Oasia Club guests can enjoy exclusive access to the hotel’s 24-hour club lounge, The Living Room. Here, daily breakfast is served alongside complimentary cocktails and canapés from 6-8pm and giest can stay connected to the outside world via the complimentary WIFI service. Oasia Club giests can also swim and unwind in one of the highest hotel pools in Singapore surrounded by greenery and panoramic skyline views on the 22nd floor.

Ok, photo show-off time.

Spot me?

Blissful eh?

For reservations, check out their website at www.oasiahotel.com.

Oh, they made a very cool video of Oasia and the bloggers when we were there. Go try to spot me, again!



6 in-flight myths, busted! Now go do what you want during your flight!

Why do you always get sick on a flight? Why do we “brace?” Why do flight attendants talk like that?


From the moment you enter an aircraft you are pummeled with instructions: turn your phone off, put your window blind up, put your seat upright, eat this slop.

How often do you stop to question why?

Airlines aren’t trying to make travel painful. There’s a good reason for nearly every in-flight burden.


Seven of Nine

She, and flight attendants, know how to make you listen.

1. Why flight attendants talk like cyborgs

Myth: Flight attendants are bossy robots.

Fact: Flight attendants need you to listen and cooperate.

Does your flight attendant remind you of “Seven of Nine” from “Star Trek — Voyager”? Flight attendants often take on the hot Borg’s direct and robotic demeanor to make passengers listen.

They “will go ahead and put your seat in the up-right position” and they’re going to “need you to take your seat.”

A recently published article at Forbes, written by staffer Jeff Bercovici, took an inquisitive look at the assertive vocabulary used by flight attendants.

The article found that the extraneous words like “will go ahead” are linguistic techniques to catch the passenger’s attention early in a sentence so the request doesn’t have to be repeated, which is especially handy in an emergency.

seats upright

“I’ll just make do for the last 30 minutes.”

2. Why we open window blinds and put seats upright

Myth: We do this to “reset” the plane for the next round of passengers.

Fact: It’s a subtle safety feature. Pulling up the blinds makes us alert to potential hazards.

Elin Wong, corporate communications manager for Cathay Pacific, explains, “We ask all passengers to pull up the window shelf before landing, so that any abnormalities outside the aircraft can be duly observed by the cabin crew or passengers and be reported to the cockpit crew if necessary.”

As for that stiff 90-degree seated incline, it’s all about reducing impact. A former Air Canada flight attendant tells us that shifting those few centimeters forward reduces the distance from your head to the seat in front of you.

It also makes it easier for the passenger behind to evacuate.


air sick

That arm rest is dirtier than what’s going through that mask.

3. Why we get sick from planes

Myth: Re-circulated air in a plane makes us sick.

Fact: Re-circulated air is actually very sanitary; we get sick from what we touch.

According to Boeing, cabin air is constantly being replaced by pressurized fresh air from outside. That air also passes through filters that remove 99.97 percent of any airborne pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

But frequently used surfaces like tray tables, pillows, seat arms, seats, toilets and sinks are less sanitary, often contacted by hundreds of passengers in a single day.

Popular science and technology blog iO9 consulted microbiology experts who explained that one toilet per 50 passengers is a far more likely reason you’ll fall ill than the air.

The answer — don’t bother with the facial mask, opt for disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer instead.

airplane food

Silence makes the taste grow fonder.

4. Why airline food tastes bad

Myth: Airline food is disgusting because it’s cheap and pre-processed.

Fact: Airline food actually tastes OK; it’s the noise from the engine that distracts us.

It’s hard to comprehend at first, but the University of Manchester research article, “Effect of background noise on food perception” published by the BBC, reported that if background noise is too loud, it might draw attention away from the taste of food and towards the noise.

In the article, researcher Andy Woods fed various foods to people while they were listening to nothing or noise through headphones. He found that noisy conditions caused the subjects’ perception of saltiness and sweetness to lower, and their perception of crunchiness to increase.

So the loud and constant noise from an aircraft’s engines could have the same effect, he explains.


brace position

A proven position for injury minimization.

5. Why we brace during an emergency

Myth: We brace to make us feel like we have a chance of surviving; we brace to ensure we are still and calm during an emergency; we brace to preserve our dental records so coroners can identify us after a crash.

Fact: The Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority clarifies, “It has been proven that passengers who assume the brace position sustain substantially less serious injuries than other passengers.”

Furthermore, the Federal Aviation Administration regulatory guideline says bracing is meant to reduce secondary impact, by positioning the body (particularly the head) against the surface it would strike during impact.

The other reason to brace is to reduce flailing around. And we all know that flailing — in any situation — will get you hurt.

texting on a plane

“Words With Friends” can get you, and your airline, into trouble.

6. Why we turn off cell phones

Myth: Cell phone signals interefere with aircraft electronics.

Fact: Airlines are adhering to aviation guidelines that restrict the use of personal electronic devices (PEDs), even though evidence that they interfere with aircraft systems is lacking.

Airlines aren’t actually 100 percent sure that phones will interfere with aircraft systems. After all, a recent study claimed nearly 6.5 million people in 12 months left their phones on while they flew in and out of the United Kingdom without any problems.

But most aviation authorities, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), prohibit the use of cell phones and other PEDs unless it can be proved they definitely do not interfere.

To get approval to use a mobile, the airline would have to test every single model of phone with every single model of aircraft to make sure it doesn’t interfere with both the plane and ground networks — which would be just a little too time consuming and expensive.

It’s far easier just to ask people to turn their phones off.


So now that you know it all, how will your flying attitude changes?




Article courtesy of BBC.

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Kkul Yuja Cha for you?

I’ve been sleep deprived for months and the amount of stress at work doesn’t help at all. Everytime I start sneezing, I just make myself a cup of hot honey citron tea. “citron tea” is known in Korea as “yu-ja-cha” (Hangul: 유자차). “유자” is citron while “차” or “cha” means “tea”. Honey is “꿀” or “kkul”. 꿀유자차 “kkul yuja cha” is honey citron tea.

I got to know about this tea when i was in a Korean Restaurant this year and when i realized i was going to Korea this year, i knew i had to buy them a-plenty when i was there!


유자차 replaces my coffee habit whenever I’m feeling under the weather. A 600 gram bottles costs 6,000 won depending on the brand. I’ve learned from experience that brands don’t really matter.

I use one tablespoon of the tea and fill the cup with hot water. Don’t use boiling water. Just add more tea if desired.



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Of Korea and Cats

I m just back from Seoul, South Korea and it had indeed been an eye-opener. The culture, the people, the architecture, the activities, the food. And I enjoyed every moment of it.

I leave you with my funky pic at the Palace (in case you missed me) and also the wonderful feline that I fell in love with at the Cat Cafe in Dongdaemum.


Quite an advertorial shot, no?



More to come soon.

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I’m still alive.

Hey ya’ll, I know i have been missing but i had the best beach holiday ever!

I was in Boracay!


It was so disgustingly good. I promise to blog about it soon, right after i sort out my 1200 photos from my camera!

In anycase, enjoy Boracay Island!

Taken with my Canon 500D in my 70 seater jet from Caticlan Airport.




By the way, did you know i just got mugged last night?

Did I told you i got mugged yesterday at Boat Quay? A bunch of Indian thugs cornered me and robbed me of 44 bucks from my wallet. Thank god they let me off after and didnt try to hurt me or stole something else. They were drunk, and rowdy, and there were 7 of them. I froze when they cornered me, fearing the worse. they could have punched me or stabbed me. i rather lose that 44 bucks.

I don’t believe that this can still happen in Singapore.

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The Diva, Edita Gruberova.

Whose that lady???

YES!! I met her when i was in Munich! She was performing Bellini’s I Puritani

Ok so, who’s that chick? (ala David Guetta & Rihanna)

Edita Gruberová (born December 23, 1946, Bratislava) is a Slovak soprano who is one of the most acclaimed coloraturas of recent decades. She is noted for her great tonal clarity, agility, dramatic interpretation, and ability to sing high notes with great power, which made her an idealQueen of the Night in her early years. In recent years, she has enjoyed great success with a number of the most important bel canto roles.

Gruberová was born in Bratislava in Slovakia, the daughter of a Hungarian mother and a father with German ancestors. Her native language isSlovak. She began her musical studies at Bratislava Conservatory where she was a student of Mária Medvecká. She then continued atAcademy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU). While studying, she was a singer of the famous Lúčnica folk ensemble and also appeared several times in the Slovak National Theatre.

In 1968, Gruberová made her operatic debut in Bratislava as Rosina in The Barber of Seville. After winning a singing competition in Toulouse, she was then engaged as a soloist of the opera ensemble of the J. G. Tajovský Theatre in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, from 1968 to 1970. Since communist Czechoslovakia was going through a period called Normalization, during which the borders were closed with non-communist countries, Medvecká surreptitiously arranged for an audition for Gruberová in the summer of 1969 at Vienna State Opera, which immediately engaged her. The following year, she made her first major breakthrough when she sang the Queen of the Night. Gruberová then also made the decision to emigrate to the West. In subsequent years, she became a soloist in Vienna and was invited to sing at many of the most important opera houses in the world, especially in coloratura roles.

Gruberová made her debut at Glyndebourne in 1973 and at the Metropolitan Opera in 1977, both as the Queen of the Night. In 1977, she also first appeared at the Salzburg Festival, as Thibault in Don Carlo, under Herbert von Karajan. In 1981, she appeared opposite Luciano Pavarottiin Jean-Pierre Ponnelle‘s film of Rigoletto. Gruberová made her Royal Opera HouseCovent Garden début as Giulietta in Bellini‘s I Capuleti e i Montecchi in 1984. Other important roles she has sung include ZerbinettaGildaViolettaLuciaKonstanzeManon and Oscar; she sangDonna Anna at La Scala in 1987, Marie in La fille du régiment in 1987, Semiramide in 1992 at Zürich, Queen Elizabeth I in Donizetti‘s Roberto Devereux in Vienna in 1990. In 2003 she added title role in Norma to her repertoire, currently (2008/2009) running it in Munich.

Gruberová has made many recordings, most notably in recent years full-length recordings and extended selections from Donizetti’s Tudor Queens trilogy and other bel canto operas, lately exclusively on Nightingale label. More than a dozen of her filmed and televised opera appearances have been released on DVD, including NormaManonBeatrice di Tenda,Lucrezia Borgia, and Linda di Chamounix.

Come, let me show you how she sings. Be prepared to be blown away!

Edita singing Casta Diva