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Have a Huat Lunar New Year!


Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year of the Horse bring you an abundance of peace, health and wealth. And keep riding them hard!



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Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” is just plain insidious.

Miley Cyrus, currently enjoying a bout of publicity due to an interestingly choreographed performance at the VMAs, is currently riding off the popularity of her song of the summer “We Can’t Stop.”

This is the song that she performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn on Sunday night.


Commonly misconstrued as a vivacious summer “party anthem,” there’s something insidious going on in Miley’s big hit.


See, the song isn’t happy. 


miley cyrus we can't stop

It’s a song about being stuck in a cycle, and being unable to leave. The key line isn’t “we won’t stop” or “don’t stop,” it’s “we can’t stop.”

There’s ample evidence in the song that the subject is unhappy. There’s the slowness. There’s the fact that it’s written in a minor key.



There’s the foreboding, deep, potentially male voice that’s first to sing the refrain (“It’s our party, we can do what we want,” etc.) in the beginning of the song.

There are several lines that also call into question the interpretation that all is right. For instance, while “we came to have so much fun now,” clearly they have not. How do we know this? Well, they’re “not ready to go home” for starters.

And of course, they can’t stop. 

miley cyrus we can't stop

This song is distinctly different from a similar song — on paper at least — “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha. Both are about getting ready for a party, then going to that party, then articulating the intention to continue with the party until dawn.

However, contrast the tempos, and the inflection of the core credo. Ke$ha rallies the troops with “Don’t stop, make it pop, DJ blow my speakers up tonight, Im’ma fight, ’til we see the sunlight!”

miley cyrus we can't stop


Miley? “We can’t stop, we won’t stop,” she drones. “We run things, things don’t run we,” she insists.

So why the difference between the hedonist anthems?


The drug use in Cyrus’ song is more than an oblique reference to MDMA, or “molly,” and forms a central theme. “Everyone in line in the bathroom, trying to get a line in the bathroom” is clearly about doing lines in the bathroom.

The line “can’t you see it’s we who own the night” is also rather interesting, as the phrase “we own the night” was used by the NYPD in the 1980s to publicize their anti-drug efforts.

And while normally casual designer drug use would be a crucial part of any self-respecting party anthem in this day and age, the inflection is mechanical, and the repetition of the song itself conveys a cycle. A cycle they, yes, can’t stop.

miley cyrus we can't stop

Because here’s the thing about Molly (MDMA): The drug brings about a euphoric feeling by increasing the presence of three neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

These are the chemicals that, for all intents and purposes, make you feel happy.

MDMA makes these three neurotransmitters release in your brain, and then prevents them from being absorbed back.

Since they’re just hanging out in your brain, you feel happy for the entire course of the drug as they’re released and prevented from being removed from the system.

miley cyrus we can't stop

But, you don’t have an infinite supply of them.

When you deplete serotonin, it takes a while to get back to normal serotonin levels.

As a result, regular MDMA abusers get serotonin hangovers several days later, because they have actually run out of the brain molecule that makes them feel happy.

This results in difficulty concentrating, fatigue, emotional exhaustion, sleep disturbance, low to no self esteem and social withdrawal.

In order to get out of this, some addicts might take MDMA again, in order to draw from the reservoir and get back on top, but this is robbing Peter to pay Paul when it comes to serotonin.

This is what “We Can’t Stop” is about, because once this cycle stops, the facade will be over.

The narrator will have to endure the dissolution of the party.

miley cyrus we can't stop

Worst of all, the narrator will have to bounce back without the use of the drug.

And if you don’t believe it, just watch the video.

While generally speaking the video should be considered a separate work from the song itself, here the video only bolsters our perspective.

It’s permeated by a sense of foreboding, designed to make the viewer ill at ease, and full of potent imagery that is anything but fulfilling.

An unhappy man devours a money sandwich, remaining unsatisfied.

It’s one of the most literal articulations of un-fulfilling monetary consumption in recent memory.

miley cyrus we can't stopThere’s the imagery of self harm — a skull is crushed beneath a boot, and someone slowly, gingerly cuts off their fingers about the knuckles. Happy people don’t do that.

Miley, at one point, is in a swimming pool full of attractive young twenty-somethings straight out of central casting. Whom does Miley gravitate to?

Well it’s a plastic, unrealistic puppet, an internally dead thing that’s easily manipulated and doesn’t say no.

But in the middle of the video, you see the most potent symbol of the entire song.

You see a series of taxidermied animals.

miley cyrus we can't stop

One animal is placed in front of a mirror, an effect which makes it appear that the animal is not really alone, that’s it’s supported by a circle of understanding, identical companions. But it’s not. It’s alone.

The line of the song that this occurs during, for what it’s worth, is “Forget the haters, because somebody loves us.”

By they way, it’s wearing sunglasses — Miley’s sunglasses — to hide its dead eyes.  

One animal is dragged on a cart, forced into motion.

Lastly, the first animal is cradled by Miley as she walks to “the line for the bathroom, trying to get a line in the bathroom,” as she stares directly into the camera.

miley cyrus we can't stop

Because here’s the interesting thing about taxidermied animals …

They’re vivacious, vibrant, realistic on the outside, set into a “natural” pose designed, just for a second, for the person not looking too closely, to convey that the animal is alive, behaving as it normally would.

But really, the animal is dead, gutted, and stuffed on the inside, and only preserved from rot thanks to a multitude of chemicals.

That’s what “We can’t stop” is about. 

As noted before, the song starts with a deep, ominous male voice repeating “It’s our party we can do what we want,” but the voice could easily be Miley’s just slowed down with computers, projected years into the future, when she’s still stuck in the club and totally exhausted.


[Director’s Cut of We Can’t Stop]

//Special thanks to WALTER HICKEY AND JOE WEISENTHAL from http://www.businessinsider.com for this article.

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Lenovo Announces Range of Touch-Enabled PCs!


Lenovo announced the availability of a new range of touch-enabled PCs which come in a variety of form factors. These include the award-winning IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC, a evolutionary interpersonal computing device, the IdeaPad Yoga 11s, the first multimode mini Ultrabook™ equipped with powerful Intel processors and featuring Windows 8, the ThinkPad Helix, a premium convertible for business professionals featuring a “rip and flip” design and the ThinkPad Edge E431, designed for small businesses who want to leverage on Windows 8’s touch optimization.

We are excited about Lenovo’s latest range of touch-enabled devices that will create and define a new computing experience for our end users,” said Jessie Quek, Country General Manager, Lenovo Singapore.

The advancements in touch optimization and processing power will enable these new form factors to take off and gain rapid adoption. With these tools, Lenovo can empower the Doers of today to work and play with digital content like never before.”

IdeaCentre Horizon Creates an Interpersonal Computing Experience


The IdeaCentre Horizon is designed to create a new way of thinking about computing – one that makes the experience shared, collaborative and personal. With a supersized 27-inch screen, dynamic graphics and 10-finger touch, the Horizon allows up to four people to use it simultaneously for both work and play.


When placed parallel to the ground, users can activate the Horizon’s Aura interface and begin interacting with people and content ranging from photos and videos to apps and games. The Horizon comes preloaded with a library of games created by Lenovo. Complementing these games is a special set of onthe-glass accessories including an e-dice and four joysticks and four strikers. The Horizon also doubles up as a high performance, all-in-one 27-inch desktop. With up to Intel® Core i7™ processors, NVIDIA GeForce graphics and Dolby Home Theatre® v4 audio, Horizon displays content beautifully and supports fast and smooth multimedia playback. All these features make it the ultimate home entertainment center, and a great device for collaborative work in the office.
IdeaPad Yoga 11s – Small Yet Powerful Ultrabook


Hot on the heels of the first two Yoga-branded convertibles launched last year is the new IdeaPad Yoga 11s, which comes equipped with a new low power lineup from Intel with up to 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors and Windows 8 to give users the full power of multitasking and using Office applications, all in a svelte, 0.68-inch thin frame. Similar to its predecessors, users can utilize the Yoga 11s in four modes – laptop, tablet, stand and tent – for both work and play.


The IdeaPad Yoga 11s features an 11.6-inch HD IPS display that supports 10 finger multi-touch and Motion Control which allows users to swipe their hand in front of the webcam to advance photos, videos and other documents. It also comes with Lenovo Transition, where users can automatically open applications like PowerPoint in full-screen even when using Yoga 11s in tent, stand or tablet mode.

The IdeaPad Yoga 11s also has the same attractive rubber painting and a soft-touch exterior as the IdeaPad Yoga 13 and will be available in Silver Grey and Clementine Orange

ThinkPad Helix Fuses Laptop, Tablet and More with “Rip and Flip” Screen

The ThinkPad Helix is a premium convertible that defines the next generation of mobile computing through its ground breaking “rip and flip” design. This special design gives users absolute mobile freedom and versatility with multiple unique ways to use it.

ThinkPad Helix first functions as a high performance UltrabookTM. For added mobility, the 11.6-inch tablet can separate from its base to become the thinnest full-function Intel® 3rd generation Core™ tablet with vPro, also weighing in at 835 grams, making it one of the lightest around. The innovative “rip and flip” screen lets users flip the tablet 180° and snap it back into the base – this mode, called Stand mode, transforms Helix into a mini-movie theatre or business presentation central. From here, users can also fold the screen down to use it as a tablet while keeping the base connected for added ports and

As a ThinkPad-branded device, the Helix also delivers on the brand’s reputation for quality and reliability, along with enhanced security and manageability features.


Pricing and Availability

  • The IdeaCentre Horizon will be available at Lenovo Exclusive Stores and all Courts outlets starting from the PC Show onwards with prices from SGD$2,899.
  • The IdeaPad Yoga 11s will be available from the PC Show onwards with prices from SGD$1,399.
  • The ThinkPad Helix is available in stores and at the PC Show with prices from SGD$2,199.


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LE NOIR- The Intimate Side of Cirque!

LE NOIR- The Intimate Side of Cirque

From a sold out season in Tokyo, a thrilling cirque style experience is now showing at Marina Bay Sands.

And i cant wait to watch it this week!!!!!

For the first time in Singapore, and direct from a sellout season in Tokyo comes LE NOIR, an extraordinary evening of intimate cirque style entertainment starring some of the most incredible acrobatic acts on earth and will open to a star studded affair in Singapore for the very first time tonight, 12 March 2013. Singapore is invited to enter the captivating world of LE NOIR – a custom-produced cirque show like no other.  Designed and built specifically for the MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, audiences will be immersed in an extraordinary visual feast using metaphors of white, red and black to describe the diverse range of our personalities.


Carefully engineered with the deliberate intention of making the audience a part of the entertainment, the set designers from Kingsmen in Singapore, have been perfecting the blueprints for months now. With a carefully crafted stage set coupled with the talent of Creative Producer Simon Painter, LE NOIR explores emotions through colours as the cast transforms from beautiful and pure white, then explore the passion of red and culminating with the darkness of Le Noir.


Twenty of the very best cirque performers from all four corners of the globe, many of them formerly from Cirque du Soleil, are the centre piece of this production and will enthrall crowds in this spell-binding theatrical journey spanning the three key colour themes. LE NOIR accentuates the darker side of these colours using not only the acts on stage but of every audience member as well. The content is surreal, beautiful, seductive and at time hilariously risqué. The production is fast paced, extremely funny and above all entertaining.

Mr. Milan Rokic, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of BASE Entertainment Asia said, “Discovering Le Noir in Tokyo was like a gift. This beautiful show combines a visual spectacle via its unique set and lighting design, and performance dynamics via the amazing production. These artists blew my mind and I am sure they will do the same to our Singapore audiences.”


With months of planning, careful engineering and tireless attention to detail, The Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands will be fully transformed to seat audiences around a custom-built circular stage of about 2.5 meters in diameter giving a spectacular 360 degree view of the performance as it commences.  Audiences will be ‘enclosed’ within a canopy of curtains designed out of LED lights.  For the first time ever, seating at the Sands Theatre will be limited to a little over 1100 seats to create a unique and intimate experience.


Producer, Simon Painter said, “The original concept behind Le Noir was to take the very best of the best cirque performers in the world and rather than create a production in a huge auditorium or arena, produce an intimate style show where the audience is literally inches from the action on stage. Part of the concept is to make the audience experience the show rather than just watch it and a number of sophisticated special effects are employed through the production.”


Led by Creative Producer Simon Painter and Executive Producer Tim Lawson, the creative team behind LE NOIR has launched many large scale productions including Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline, which was to date the biggest and most ambitious thrill circus ever attempted in the Sydney Opera House. The show sold over 35,000 tickets in 10 days and opened to rave reviews.


With incredible displays of balance, contortion, stamina and aerial artistry, the skills exhibited by the cast of Le Noir is a show that you don’t want to miss. What is your darker side?  Tickets are priced from SGD$35 and are now on sale.





www.BASEentertainmentasia.com or www.MarinaBaySands.com/Ticketing

BY PHONE:                   +65 6688 8826



Marina Bay Sands Box Offices (Museum, Theaters, SkyPark, Retail Mall and Hotel Tower 1 and 3 Lobby). For more information please log onto – www.MarinaBaySands.com

For VIP, Hotel and Dining Packages visit www.showbizasia.com. Corporate and Group Bookings are available via Showbiz.  Email: corporate@showbizasia.com or call 6688 1029


More pictures coming up soon!



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N.E.mation! 7 videos are finally out! Time to Watch, Vote & stand to Win attractive prizes!

N.E.mation! 7 clips are now ready for you to view and vote!


After months and weeks of hard work missing out on their December holidays, the final animation clips are ready for your viewing pleasure!!!

Based on the theme, “Together We Overcome”, 10 teams of students worked through the December holidays to bring their stories to life! Simply visit www.nemation.sg on your PC or mobile devices and watch all 10 clips.

Win Attractive Prizes

See, you can vote for your three favourite clips, and stand to win attractive prizes like the iPad (with Retina Display, WiFi + Cellular), Xbox 360 Kinect, iPad mini, Canon products, Universal Studios Singapore passes and more!

Remember, voting ends 7 February 2013.

But most of all, vote for my wonderful (award winning -hopefully!) teams!

Remember team All These Ships and SARScastic? Its a shame if you don’t! But if you seriously don’t know them, go on read my previous posts! I have all their juicy gossips about them!

Anyway, let me present to you their final animation clips. This animation clips are made up of creativity and super hardwork hand-made artwork that sometimes put professional artist at shame!

Team All These Ships:

Superheroes Amongst Us
by All These Ships, Methodists Girls’ School (Secondary)

This clip shows that through teamwork, Singaporeans can be just as powerful as superheroes. The words on the animation clip is written by the whole team! Super cool eh?

Continue reading

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N.E.mation7- Team SARScastic reveals all! And they need your help! #NE7C06


And peeps, presenting my 2nd team in the top 10 finalist for the N.E.mation 7,


From left: Deanna, Shi En, Karen & Jia Min

These super super hyper-active funny girls never failed to make me laugh every time I meet them up.

Studying diligently from Mayflower Secondary, these bunch of creative girls are the most up-to-date with the latest pop-culture, and music. And yes, they are super competitive and always love to jabs sarcasm at me.

And Dee (the one in the red Griffindor pullover) is the most funniest one of all, and yes she loves to munch!

Ok, time for the insider’s details:

Starting with Deanna of course!


  • Hails from the Philippines! Ko musta!
  • Have been in Singapore since the age of… well she cant remember…
  • Is the most musical one in the group (she also composed the song for their project!
  • Dee sang for me 2 of her original composed music (and i like it)
  • Dee made me stuck with the melody of Taylor Swift “We are never ever getting back together” until now
  • She love to munch, almost everything!
  • And she loves to make funny faces at me!

And that’s Dee, on my guitar! 🙂 I totally love this girl!!!

Next up, Karen.

  • Karen is like so camera shy, but once she hear the shutter snaps, she is always in a big smile!
  • A total Singaporean, Karen is super competitive
  • She is the most artistic one in the group
  • She is very good with creating things with her hands and she is super sharp to details
  • She likes … many things, and she is very secretive about it. (which means more digging needed!)

Next up, Shi En!

  • Shi En, is actually a very graceful girl
  • Well, because she is the dancer in the group (she can apparently do a split!!!)
  • She is the fierce one also, the leader of the pack
  • She is also surprisingly a very quiet girl (you have no idea how much i tried to get more info out of this lady)
  • But despite her quietness, she actually has a lot of “admirers” aka boys who likes her
  • She is also super meticulous with her work, driving her team mates to move ahead in this competition

And the last one, Jia Min.


  • Jia Min comes from Malaysia since she was very young
  • She still has her “kampung” in Malacca (i had an aunt who lives there too)
  • Unfortunately, she cannot understand Malay any more since Mandarin is her new mother tongue
  • Jia Min is the most sane one in the group, also the no-nonsense kind of girl
  • Super motivated and focused, she always pushes her team mate to stop goofing around and start working
  • And among all the 4 girls, she has the most “boy admirers” in the group (yes, she is Miss Popular!)


And there you go, the #talentedgirls #notsoMEANgirls of SARScastic.

Their group name  SARScastic is a self-explanatory and you could have guess what they are working on…

In any case, #SARScastic needs you help! They need your likes on Facebook. And how can you do that?


Just go to https://www.facebook.com/nemation and go to “SARScastic” and like them! Or just click HERE to like them!

The more likes they have, the higher their chances of winning!

So, please help me rally votes for these girls, and i promise to dig out their juicy scoops about them for you, and also their progress on their animation.

If you want to see more pictures, you gotta like me on Facebook,https://www.facebook.com/MforMusxzart  and you can see more funny behind the scene shots of them. Also, don’t forget to follow on me twitter so follow on their progress. My twitter handle is @musxzart.

Till then, please go like them. Now, i gotta scoop some more juicy bits and see how their progress is for their project.



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N.E.mation7- Team “All These Ships” reveals all! And they need your help! #NE7C01

All These Ships

Yes yes, this is one of my darling teams that made it to the Top 10 Finalist for N.E.mation 7.

Introducing Team ALL THESE SHIPS.

From the left, Sheryl, Jade, Sarah & Nell from Methodist Girls School.

These whimsical, eccentric 15 year olds are a very intellectual creative bunch. They love to tease each other while doing their work and they have a lot of insider jokes. Yes, sometimes when i speak to them, i get lost in their long, philosophical answers.

But let me get you the juicy scoops on each of them!!! (I am damn good reporter you know)

Lets start with:

NELL. (the most left in the picture)

  • So apparently, Nell is the most “artistic” one in the team
  • Hailing from The Philippines, Nell has been in studying in Singapore 4 years ago
  • She loves cookies, and bantering
  • And she can speak German!
  • And she is a year older then her peers (dont look like it right?)
  • She is the most calmest in the group but when provoked, she is the greatest screamer in the world

Sheryl. (2nd from the left)

  • Despite wearing the ACS pullover, she is still from Methodist Girls School
  • She is the most “normal” one in the group, more like the mediator of the group
  • She plays the guitar (very well)
  • She also loves writing and apparently, she has written a few novels that needs to be published (if any publisher is interested)
  • She also loves the Vampire Diaries series
  • Other then that, she is the Netball-Shooter Queen (I was told she can score in any position in the court)

Jade. (the tall smiling one)

  • So, if you think Jade is another “normal” one, you got it all wrong
  • Jade plays the ukulele (which she called Caelum)
  • She is the “weird” one in the group (i dont know why)
  • She is 50% Hong Kong-er and 50% Singaporean
  • Other the the ukulele, she also plays the piano!
  • She loves to bake and likes videogames and Super Junior (yes, KPOP rules her life)
  • She has a thing for LUSH (the handmade cosmetics) because she loves the intense fragrance of the product

Finally, Sarah. (The most right)

  • Right, so Sarah is the “emotional” one in the team
  • Having to live in Taiwan for 5 years, she still cant speak mandarin as well as her peers
  • Sarah loves video games and comics and she is always home-stuck (cause she loves to read)
  • Sarah also plays the piano really well and her bickering partner in crime is Nell
  • Did you know that Sarah almost cried at every movie that she ever watched?

And there you go, the #foreverEccentric #kookygirls of the All These Ships.

I did asked them what their group name meant to them but apparently, the name came out because of an insider jokes that i have yet to uncover.

In anycase, #AllTheseShips needs you help! They need your likes on Facebook. And how can you do that?


Just go to https://www.facebook.com/nemation and go to “All These Ships” and like them! Or just click HERE to like them!

The more likes they have, the higher their chances of winning!

So, please help me rally votes for these girls, and i promise to dig out their juicy scoops about them for you, and also their progress on their animation.

If you want to tweet them, go follow them on twitter too. Their twitter handle is @alltheseships.

If you want to see more pictures, you gotta like me on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/MforMusxzart  and you can see more funny behind the scene shots of them. Also, dont forget to follow on me twitter so follow on their progress. My twitter handle is @musxzart.

Till then, please go like them. Now i gotta draft for my 2nd group and i assure you, it will be as juicy as this post!