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Gamelan @ the Gardens, and yes, I am performing!

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National University of Singapore’s Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble presents ‘Gamelan @ the Gardens’. And I am performing all over again!!


Venue: Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Date: Feb 4, 2012

Time: 5 – 8pm.


Singa Nglaras has been formed since Jan 2004 and is managed by Prof Jan Mrazek. The name Singa Nglaras means “relaxing lion”; the word nglaras means both to relax and to harmonise, or tune. True to its name, the ensemble’s primary motivation is the relaxed enjoyment and appreciation of gamelan music.


‘Gamelan @ the Gardens’ also features guest ensemble Gamelan Naga Kencana.


As in the courts, palaces and community locales found in Java, come and gather with your family and friends as both ensembles entertain you with the relaxed, meditative sounds of the gamelan.


Bring your mats and i see you there! 🙂




Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

One thought on “Gamelan @ the Gardens, and yes, I am performing!

  1. Hi

    we are looking to hire some dancers who can perform the Balinese dance.

    I read above that you and your friends had performed some form of Balinese dance and is wondering if you are interested in performing this act for us on the 30-31 May. It will be a paid performance.

    do feedback to me your interest at joycelynyip@one15marina.com

    thank you.

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