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Canon releases an iPhone app, CanonSGLens.

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Canon Singapore is pleased to announce its free iOS app for DSLR users, CanonSGLens. Available from today at the Apple iTunes store, the free app features detailed lens specifications of all Canon DSLR lenses sold in Singapore. The application also contains a unique interactive simulator that allows you to compare the field of view between two camera-lens combinations, using the current catalogue of Canon EOS digital SLRs and lenses.

CanonSGLens is designed to help both beginners and professional EOS DSLR users alike. Beginners can learn more about the physics behind capturing an image, while professionals can make use of features like the depth-of-field calculator to help them achieve optimum focus.

Featured Content

  • Detailed lens specifications of all Canon EF and EF-S lenses sold in Singapore.
  • Compare lens specifications side by side, with differences indicated.
  • Compare high resolution MTF charts. * Compare high resolution lens construction diagrams.
  • Field of View simulator featuring multiple photos taken of the same scene in Singapore using different camera-lens combinations.
  • Depth of Field simulator.
  • Depth of Field calculator.
  • In-depth topic with interactive simulators explaining how aperture and shutter speed affect exposure, depth of field, and motion blur in the various exposure modes.

App Features

  • Highly visual interactive simulators
  • Bookmark your favourite pages
  • Add your own notes to any page
  • Content optimized for both portrait and landscape orientations
  • No Internet connection required

CanonSGLens is available at the iTunes store at http://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/canonsglens/id490527073?ls=1&mt=8

Have you download it to your iPhone already? its exclusive to the Singapore market only!

For more information, please visit http://www.canon.com.sg/home



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