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Kkul Yuja Cha for you?

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I’ve been sleep deprived for months and the amount of stress at work doesn’t help at all. Everytime I start sneezing, I just make myself a cup of hot honey citron tea. “citron tea” is known in Korea as “yu-ja-cha” (Hangul: 유자차). “유자” is citron while “차” or “cha” means “tea”. Honey is “꿀” or “kkul”. 꿀유자차 “kkul yuja cha” is honey citron tea.

I got to know about this tea when i was in a Korean Restaurant this year and when i realized i was going to Korea this year, i knew i had to buy them a-plenty when i was there!


유자차 replaces my coffee habit whenever I’m feeling under the weather. A 600 gram bottles costs 6,000 won depending on the brand. I’ve learned from experience that brands don’t really matter.

I use one tablespoon of the tea and fill the cup with hot water. Don’t use boiling water. Just add more tea if desired.




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