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Serunding for you?

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A Community Project by TheatreWorks’ Writers Lab

Performed by Aidli Mosbit
Written by Ahmad Musta’ain Bin Khamis (He is my brother ya’ll)
Directed by Lim Yu-Beng

After a successful tour of the South East District of Singapore, which ended in January 2011, Safiah is thrilled to visit more neighbourhoods in Singapore with a second tour of SERUNDING!

Winner of the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2010 (Open Category), this one-woman play stirs to life the voice of Safiah like a perfect dish of serunding. A Malay homemaker, Safiah’s belief as a devout Muslim and parental expectations fall into conflict with her children; she also suffers tedious ties with her mother-in-law ‘Sofea Jane’. Told through humour, food and many phone calls, Serunding draws us to the heart and pain of a mother’s love. A spicy sweet expression of the Singapore family caught at the centre of cultural values and modern living.

So, I was at the screening of Serunding over the weekend with my family and friends and it was a blast! Aidli’s acting is very luring and she manage to even manage to warm up my cold heart bitch heart. The lines in the play mimics alot that happens around me (yes, the story-line was inspired by the happenings at home) and i can relate a lot of things that was happening on stage. If you want to know how my family is like (well, kinda) at home, you totally have to watch this!

And trust me, bring tissues. Lots of it. 

Thats Aidli and my brother, Ahmad Musta’ain. On set.

A wonderful group photo after the play and a Q&A session.

About the Community Project

Serunding emerged as a winner from the Writers’ Lab’s annual 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2010 (Open Category), held as part of the South East District Arts Festival 2010. The competition gives budding talents and veterans a chance to showcase their abilities and have their script presented by experienced and established artists. The Writers’ Lab is the longest-running developmental programme for playwrights in Singapore. Through readings and community presentations, the Lab provides writers a platform for their works to be showcased; while at the same time, allows audiences to experience and be enriched with a new piece of writing.

Event Details

Performed in English. 35min running time with post-show Q&A

All performances are free

To register for a seat for any of the performances, please ring the respective Community Clubs at the contact numbers provided.

Date / Time / Venue

The Serangoon Community Club, 10 Serangoon North Avenue 2, Tel: 62844137
Aug 27, Sat 2.30pm and 8pm
Aug 28, Sun 2.30pm

Tampines East Community Club, 10 Tampines East Street 23, Tel: 67863227
Sep 3, Sat 2.30pm and 8pm
Sep 4, Sun 2.30pm
Eunos Community Club, 180 Bedok Reservoir Road, Tel: 64486971
Sep 10, Sat 2.30pm and 8pm
Sep 11, Sun 2.30pm
Sengkang Community Club, 2 Sengkang Square, Tel: 63125400
Sep 17, Sat 2.30pm and 8pm
Sep 18, Sun 2.30pm


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