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Wanna dance and look like Beyonce?

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Beyonce wants you to “Move Your Body” and be healthy!

The 29-year-old singer and actress known for her “bootylicious” physique and curve-flaunting dance moves is now preaching her body-positive message to a whole new generation of disciples: All those who wants to be healthy in a fun way!

The singer has teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama and her Let’s Move initiative to help curb childhood obesity, according to reports from ABC and the Huffington Post. Beyonce’s contributions to the campaign include an up-tempo pop song encouraging listeners to “move your body” and an accompanying music video in which she teaches a cafeteria full of kids a cardio-heavy dance routine.

Track sound familiar? It’s a tamed-down version of “Get Me Bodied,” a 2007 hit from Beyonce’s second solo album, B’Day.

While the original song has more adult themes and racy overtones, the new version is a fun dance song appropriate for listeners of all ages.

The “Let’s Move” initiative and fight against childhood obesity might hit home for Beyonce. During the past few years, tabloid critics and gossip magazines have often slammed the curvy singer for weight fluctuations . Though she was reported to have put on 15 pounds for her role as Etta James in 2008’s Cadillac Records, the singer has never been obese or even overweight.

Other celebrities involved with the Let’s Move campaign include Jamie Oliver, Scarlett Johansson and Ellen DeGeneres, according to reports from ABC News.

I m learning this dance! Its HAWT y’all! Anyone wanna join me?

Let’s Move is a government-backed initiative with sights set on ending the epidemic of childhood obesity within one generation. For more information, visit www.letsmove.gov .


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