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New Zealand Natural Cafe.

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What else is great fun then meeting your friends over coffee, great food and delicious ice-cream?


Well, you can do that over at the all new New Zealand Natural Cafe! The first in the world!!!


New Zealand Natural’s premium brand of ice cream have been around for 10 years!!   The premium ice cream brand have been staying true to its brand name by using the freshest and purest New Zealand dairy products and ingredients in its ice-cream.  Their ice cream are rich, wholesome with no colouring or gelatine throughout these years.

Yummy yummy Ice-Cream!


A foreign master chef from a renown 5 Star Hotel in Singapore, who wishes to remain un-named, has created signature items such as Roast Duck Wrap, Triple Turkey Club Sandwich, Grilled Steak sandwich and Apple Smoked Han & Brie Cheese Wrap.


Their all time best seller was the Grilled Steak sandwich. The steak is nicely grilled and topped with onion confit, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, roasted mushrooms and french mustard making it a truly 5-star grade without paying the 5 star-price, at only $15.90.


Le Chefs. I was more interested at the food!! Yummy!!!



The café is designed to have the unique atmosphere like the cafés, bars and restaurants along the famous Ponsonby Road in Auckland, New Zealand. Not to forget the special 3D lighting fittings with the shape of the Pohutukawa tree, designed by award winning designer David Trubridge. Together they bring you the earthy, street and food culture of New Zealand in Singapore’s newest heartland mall.


I simply love it! OK, now, photos with friends!


Victor Tan and Ingrid and Me!

Clauds was there too!

And so was the other bloggers!

Oh, guess what, during the fun time and celebration (it was also their 10th Anniversary), i won a challenge with my bestie, Gio. More free ice-cream!! Yummy!!
Life is good!
* Special tanks to Janelle and the team from 20twenty PR for the invite and hosting this event!

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  1. Thanks for coming 😉 see you soon!

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