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Disney’s The Lion King! ROAR

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OMG! I have the privilege to watch the premiere of Disney’s The Lion King The Musical in the all new Marina Bay Sands Theatre last Thursday.

Yup, Opening Night!!!!


In case you still have not seen the ads on print, its splashing all over Singapore! Whee!!!

Did you know?

Disney Theatrical Productions formed in 1994, opening with Beauty and the Beast which enjoyed a remarkable 13-year run on Broadway. The company’s second show, The Lion King, is poised to beat that record.

Over 50 million people have seen the massively successful show worldwide, including New York, London, Tokyo and Las Vegas. Now, it’s the turn of Singapore, with the Marina Bay Sands hosting the production’s Southeast Asian debut.

And Singapore is the only Asian stop they are going to do this year!


And of course, i get the best (well kinda) in the house. But the theatre is really medium sized so even if you sit anywhere, you still get the best view!


The all new Sands Theater is all about glamour and zen. Its all mirror from top to bottom. You just got to see it!!!


We hope all nights in the theatre will be like this. Daily Mail England


One of the most memorable, moving and original theatrical extravaganzas in years. It is told with a theatricality that frequently takes the breath away.” The New York Times



Below are snapshots during the final scene in The Lion King! Opps. But its really nice! Well, the pictures are crappy though cause my iPhone 3GS is just crappy!





So,  during the Opening Night, I was so glad to welcome Simba, Rafiki and Nala to the stage, as they teased eager me with song and dance. The costumes, painstakingly painted and tailored, worked wonderfully to represent the individual characters. Its definitely more grown up than the cuter, animated original show, director Julie Taymor’s version has indeed brought Africa to life on a stage. But don’t let me spoil all the fun, go check out this groundbreaking theatrical experience when it hits Singapore on 3 March 2011 and will run till May 2011.

For more details, visit www.thelionking.com.sg.

Tickets are available at Marina Bay Sands Box Office,
online at www.sistic.com.sg or call + 65 6348 5555.





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