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Zoukout = The craziest and the most happening party in Singapore ever!

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Finally, i went for my first ever, virgin Zoukout last weekend. I mean, how not too. The line-up was super great. How not too?!!! Guetta!!!!!

So, i was there early from 8pm to 8am!  And the party started then already. And guess who did i bumped into? Who else then the regular bloggers :  Jayden, Fabian,  ClaudiaFeliza and Sara !

I went in early and managed to get into the Citibank VIP Marquee because my dear dear lovely handsome friend, Giolinni had the Citi Clear Platinum Card. Wooots!! VIP treatment ya’ll! And because we are the first 150 people to arrive there, we were entitled to free flow till 11pm!!! Uber-cooolness! Everyone should get the Citi Clear Platinum Card!

So, we were all very happy Zoukout-ers with the VIP treatment and of course, the free flow. Luckily, no one passed out early!


And then, there were lots of photos!

Gio, Haz and me

With the sexy couple, Feliza and Anthony

Free Flow Ya’ll!!! RedBull FTW!!!!

Happy Family, i wish.

Me and Sharz


So watching David Guetta, a multi-platinum selling artiste with 3 chart-topping albums and a most sought after producer with heavyweight collaborations that blaze through the global airways leaving no survivors in the trail!! Woots His energetic sets with Electro, House and dirty Pop is the set to catch in Zoukout!



Just look at the crowd!! CRAZIEE!!!!


So, didnt you wish had the Citi Clear Platinum card? Then you can also enjoy the night of fun and laughter with me. With 5X Rewards at my usual favourite hangout like Zouk, Butter Factory, Wala Wala Café Bar, Helipad, Timbre, Brewerkz, St James Power Station and more. And you can get invites to Clear Platinum events, parties, sale previews and more. Hurry apply for one already!!! I know i am!!

For more information about the Citi Clear Platinum Card http://pea.to/CCP

And just for you, enjoy the fireworks, cause i wanna make you Oh! Oh! Oh!



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