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Do you want a Golden Ticket?

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Oh Emm Gee!!!

Are you a fan of the Citibank Singapore in Facebook” already? Cause if you have not, then you are really missing out. Like a lot!

If you have been reading my recent blog post, Citibank Singapore is giving you a Golden Ticket to anywhere in the world, yes yes, this is umpteenth time repeating this!! A Golden Ticket to anywhere in the world. All you need to do is within a click of a mouse. Ok, maybe a few clicks. But its all worth it!

Ok, let me go through with you again how this should be done.

STEP 1: Join the “Citibank Singapore Facebook” page on Facebook.

OR: You can email your photos to citimobileSG@citi.com (terms and conditions are found on the facebook page)

STEP 2: Click under ‘Bank Anytime’ and submit your photo. It has to include the Citi Mobile (Include your creative title and captions, and descriptions) Remember to submit before the 25th of October 2010!

STEP 3: Once you’ve submitted the photos, you have to wait till the 2nd of November 2010 to see if your photo has been shortlisted (Only 50 photos will be selected!) and get your parents, girl/boyfriends, students, aunties/uncles, neighbours, friends, colleagues, acquitances, everyone-on-facebook to vote for you! The more the votes, the higher your chances of winning.

Ok, since I m a budding photographer enthusiast, let me just give you a heads up on how the photos should look like, so somehow, towards the correct direction.

Firstly, make sure these photos includes the Citi Mobile app, like show below!

So, make the photo as interesting as possible. Example:

Yes. That’s my brother, and I was the creative director and photographer.

And our creative tagline was:

“Thanks to Citi Mobile, I don’t have to stay over at the airport. Dad just wired some money and I’m off to a comfy hotel.”


Easy right? Now, its your turn.

Other then the Golden Ticket, Citibank Singapore is also giving away free tickets to Hong Kong (read: Land of Shopping and good Food!!)  You just need to be a fan (click under BE A FAN) and win a trip to Hong Kong weekly!

So, stop pondering. And start acting now! Be a Fan! Do the right thing!



Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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