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Golden tickets merely exist only in the world of Charlie (and the zany Willy Wonka and his oompa-loompas). But imagine having to win a trip to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Anywhere! ANYWHERE! Any location! Any place! Of course, excluding Atlantis (because it has been argued that such a place does not exist), or the Moon (because that would be OUT of the world. Think IN people. Besides, this is an effort made by Citibank Singapore, not NASA.)

Best part is, all you need to do is take a photo and upload it on facebook! That’s right. Anyone can do that! No need to maroon yourself in an uncivilized island with 30 manipulative strangers. You don’t need to be able to sing or dance, or eat 300 hotdogs under a minute… Just snap a photo!

So if I hadn’t confused you enough, here’s how you can win that magical ticket (air ticket, not golden ticket)…

STEP 1: Join the CITIBANK SINGAPORE page on facebook.

OR: You can email your photos to citimobileSG@citi.com (terms and conditions are found on the facebook page)

STEP 2: Click under ‘Bank Anytime’ and submit your photo. It has to include the Citi Mobile (Include your creative title and captions, and descriptions) Remember to submit before the 25th of October 2010!

STEP 3: Once you’ve submitted the photos, you have to wait till the 2nd of November 2010 to see if your photo has been shortlisted (Only 50 photos will be selected!) and get your parents, girl/boyfriends, students, aunties/uncles, neighbours, friends, colleagues, acquitances, everyone-on-facebook to vote for you!

Anyways. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win it. (Life/God probably hates you hahaha) The other prizes (apart from the golden airticket) are equally handsome.

Well, Citibank Singapore has been very generous in giving out very attractive prizes! For instance, become a fan (click under BE A FAN) and win a trip to Hong Kong weekly!

Hello??? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You shouldn’t be reading this anymore! You should be on facebook! Look through the glamourous photos on their photos for inspiration and start submitting photos! Who knows you might be lucky lucky lucky!!!

*Bank Anywhere with Citi Mobile Photo Contest!
Don’t forget to be a fan of Singapore Citibank in Facebook and stand a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong weekly!



Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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