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How much do you know about Dementia?

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Thanks to Health Promotion Board(HPB) for shedding some light on Dementia. Even though its an incurable disease, its not contagious.. I look at it as another form of lifestyle.

To educated Singaporean, HPB has teamed up with our local celebrity director, Royston Tan, to produce a short movie on Dementia entitled “Ah Kong“.

This movie is about a favourite grandson attempts to restore his grandfather’s ailing memory. A famous chicken seller, a charming dancer and a ladies’ man… this is what his grandfather used to be, before he was diagnosed with dementia.

However it’s not the past his grandfather forgets. In fact, it’s all he can remember. What he has forgotten is how to live in the present.

Its heart-warming to see how he deals with Dementia.

Ah Kong 1 (image)

Ah Kong 2 (image)

Did you Know?

The prevalence of persons living with dementia in Singapore is currently at 5.2% among those aged 60 years and above, or about 22,000 Singaporeans? And contrary to common belief, dementia is not an inevitable part of the ageing process. Recognizing the warning signs of dementia and knowing the preventive and protective factors can help reduce the risk or delay the onset of dementia.  These factors include staying physically and mentally active, eating healthily, quitting unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, and being socially engaged.

Top Ten Warning Signs of Dementia

1.       Memory loss that affects day to day functions

2.       Difficulty doing familiar tasks

3.       Confusion about time and place

4.       Problems communicating

5.       Difficulty planning or solving problems

6.       Poor or decreased judgement

7.       Misplacing things

8.       Changes in mood or behaviour

9.       Changes in personality

10.   Withdrawal from work or social activities

For more information, please check out  HPB’s Facebook page and follow  @HPBsg on twitter. For more information on the film as well as Dementia visit http://go.hpb.sg/ahkong


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