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Airshow 2010.

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Did you know that my first ever dream job is to be a pilot? Oh well, after damaging my eyes and 25 years later, i am not even close to be a pilot, not even an air-steward.

Thanks to my dear blogger friend, Kelvin Lim, i managed to get an access to the super Airshow 2010 this year. VERY EXCITING!!!!!

This year Airshow 2010 is a 6-day event, taking place from 2 to 7 February 2010. The first 4 days are exclusively for trade attendees while the final 2 weekend days are open to public. It was a very surreal feeling to see live spectacular aerobatic flying displays. Its like those on telly!!!

So geared with my new camera, and a water bottle, i made my way down to the Changi Exhibition Centre early on a Saturday morning. Didnt i realised, its gonna be such a hot day! There were free shuttle bus from the Changi Airport. Everything seems so prim and smooth! OH, super photo-saturated post! You have been warned.

IMG_4976Feeling very Top-Gun-ish can??? OK, seriously, FAT!

And there were a lot of fast planes flying above me!

last work day and airshow

last work day and airshow1

last work day and airshow2

And there were also many display of planes, thats not flying.




Baltic Air. I was told that they are well.. less reliable as an airline company.




One of the fighter jet! imagine the amount of BBQ you can do with the engine! LOL

Please ignore that bump! urgh!!!


Ahh… its a nice experience indeed. And you wouldnt want to know how bad my sun burnt is! LOL.

Thanks Kevin Lim for making this possible!


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