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Wer Fruher Stirbt Ist Langer Tot. (the one who dies first is dead for longer)

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It was a lazy afternoon and guess what did i do? Watch a German arts movie.

The wonderful DVD.

Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot (literally “the one who dies first is dead for longer”) tells the story of Sebastian, a kid whose mother died during childbirth. Growing up in a small village in Bavaria, where Catholicism is the rule, Sebastian feels an enormous amount of guilt that he tries to come to terms with, which gives way to all kinds of comic situations as the young boy struggles to make himself immortal in order not to end up in purgatory for his “murder”.

Religion and the adult world are filtered through childish fantasy, resulting in a light-hearted treatment of serious universal themes like death and grief, loneliness and love. Mix that with beautiful cinematography helped by Bavarian landscapes, folk tales, traditions and a bit of rock & roll. The dream sequences in the movie are somewhat over the top and even Germans might need subtitles for some parts of the dialoges (not if you understand Bavarian, like me. LOL!). But the script is full of nice little ideas as Sebastian is trying to turn immortal to escape hell together with all of his adventures. The film is really nicely shot and the actors pretty convincing and charming.

The brother, Franz, Sebastian and the father.

Brilliant things you can see (some may not be legal in Singapore) in this film:

  • A kid drinking beer
  • A kid serving beer
  • A bike with Bavarian flags on it
  • Bavarian slang
  • Bavarian landscapes
  • Munich’s Hauptbahnhof (Train Station)
  • Full slow-mo man-butt (perky ones)!

Considering this comes from the same state as Lederhosen, Volksmusik and other German stereotypes, this movie is surprisingly free of all those and is really touching and funny and heart-warming.

It is possible that I miss being there. (I was there a couple of times before!)



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