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Urban tools for (man)chic geeks, like me

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Have you ever heard about Urban Tools? If not, then you are in for a treat. Especially if you are a urbanista (man)chic geek, like me.


I was recently invited to preview the Urban Tool’s latest bag and accessories in their new boutique at Square 2.

Being a popular brand in Europe and Australia, it has finally arrive in Singapore. The bags from Urban Tool is very different from the usual bags you can find in any shops in Singapore. Instead of carrying or slinging the bag, you wear them. And all of them are very well designed. It’s sort of like geek fashion. There are lots of pockets for your phone, MP3 player, wallets, keys, thumbdrive and other gadgets.

My favourite bag in their collection is the caseBelt. It has 4 pockets for your small gadget like phone and camera. And a small slot for smaller gadgets like MP3 player. The thing I like most is that it comes in 6 colours and you can wear it like a belt or across your shoulder.

IMG_3251  Here, i am wearing it as a belt and what surprises me is that i can totally pull the look off and it looks like part of my “ensemble” for the day already. So, there is not much changes to the look that i am carrying but instead, it just made my life simpler by having more pockets for my gadgets to my body. See how ergonomically the design of the bag is. I LOVE IT!


IMG_3250 IMG_3240 IMG_3247

Its so popular that it gets @dk and @jayden trying it on!


The material of these bags are so soft and its machine washable! And It doesnt have any zippers and buttons!

They also have models for the ladies, which has a more vibrant colours and with Swarovski crystals!

IMG_3239 IMG_3241

Here, @nicole85 is trying out their sportHolster which comes in 4 colours!

Another bag that i love is their laptop bag. Which again, is just so beautiful.


It has such a nice design to it i dont mind carrying it out even though i am not having my laptop in it!


2 very happy models (ahem… ) @musxzart and @jayden


Check out Urban Tool website for more bags and accessories. The Urban Tool boutique in Singapore is at Square 2, #02-60. (Next to Novena MRT station)


Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

One thought on “Urban tools for (man)chic geeks, like me

  1. Where is your shop now 2012 Feb 21.
    I went SQ2, not there ????

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