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World Aids Day. Lets celebrate it.(And you might even win tickets to the event!)

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Do you want to be a part of the big celebration for the World Aids Day, right here in Singapore? If you do, and i know you do, keep reading!

So, this year theme for World Aids Day is “Your life, your canvas” andit  is inspired by the notion that we are all responsible for painting the canvas of our own lives. What we choose to put on that canvas is entirely up to us, and the choices we make all contribute to a constantly evolving picture.

Just a question. Did you see the countdown timer on the left column? Its the World Aids Day countdown timer. It will be counting down to December 1, a day when many people around the world can often be seen wearing the red ribbon that has now become a familiar symbol of:

  • CARE and CONCERN for people living with HIV and those who have died from AIDS;
  • HOPE in the search for a vaccine and care; and
  • SUPPORT for people living with or affected by HIV

Just a quick fact. Did you ever know that:
  • condoms can provide protection against HIV when used correctly and consistently?
  • when you are tested negative, it does not mean you are HIV negative for life?
  • you will not get HIV by sharing food and drinks with someone who has the virus?
  • a lot of people still do not know about the above-mentioned after so many years of public education since the discovery of the virus in 1981?
  • and you can find out more about HIV/AIDS at HPB Online?

So, for the big sha-bang, Health Promotion Board be hosting an exclusive World AIDS Day event of art, music and dance, featuring guest appearances by Jack & Rai on 5 Dec 09 at SupperClub Singapore. But, just for your info, its an invited only event. And i know you want to come and celebrate it with me.

To stand a chance to win one of the 100 pairs of tickets to this special event, all you need to do is answer 3 simple questions on Breathe.sg.

You can show your support for World AIDS Day by taking part in thisTwibbon campaign . I already did mine. Have you?

But, if you think quizzes are too much for you, I am  going to give away 5 pairs of tickets to the big event. Yes, you can party with me for a great cause!!! What you have to do is to be on twitter, add me if you want [@musxzart] and help me retweet this.

 I want to celebrate World Aids Day with @musxzart for a great cause.

And you might just be one of the lucky winners to go and celebrate World Aids Day with me! Yup, VIP seats and all!! And I will pick out the winners by 1st December 2009, so keep a look out!! And keep tweeting!


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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