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Halloweeen 2009 – Boo!


guess where i am? no prize for guess correctly though! hahahahaha….  this year’s Halloween was such a blast i had so much fun! if you remember, i was the jilted bride last year, and this year, i decided to be the runway air stewardess!!!!!

so, nice family photo eh? that is the result of after 2 hours of make up and hair and changing. i think i look hawt! i mean its the only time of the year i can get to dress like this and dont get judge! so, please do not judge me!

do i stil need to introduce them? well, why not? in a clock wise manner, starting from the legend, Micheal Jackson, then there is Miss SIA, and then its the Sailormoon gone wild, then its the priest from hell, and then the plus size vampire, and then Mr Phantom of the Opera, then the Japanese school girl that died a horrible death and then the crazy doctor from hell…

i think its quite a story!!

 Hello, coffee, tea or me???? LOL!!!
yup, its me… complete with slutty red nail polish (which tool ages to remove after that!!) and the famous chola eyebrows. thats really thick make up man!!!!
more like the adams family couple photo..  the priest is with black nail polish too!

and so, we went to Vivo and then to St. James. i was sooo.. kinda embarressed if i were to meet anyone i know but then, if you dont really know me, you dunno who i am that night. i think we did scare some people in Vivo!

oh, meet the Flintstone… i almost want to smack them in the face. no they didnt irritate me, its their face, that makes me wanna smack it.


more posing!

and who say its all play? i need to work and serve his royal highness too!!

and then a few doctors thought i really need a major make over! maybe a boob job?

more paparazzi photos!

ahh… funny but i had so much fun!
now, what do i want to be next year?????

Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

2 thoughts on “Halloweeen 2009 – Boo!

  1. Mus! OMG, that's one killer look you've got!!

  2. i feel like smacking the flintstones too!hahhaha… u look haunting πŸ˜€

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