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I am not burning up anymore!!!


I have finally quit smoking! for good i hope!
If you recall, i had such a bad experience with flu and tonsillitis and i just hate falling sick!!!!! I was such in pain and i was really bed ridden for 2 whole days.  the only time i got up is to bath and pee… i didnt even had the mood or appetite to eat. it was that bad…
anyways, i have made my mind to just stop smoking for good. cause, i just want to be healthy, and its just a waste of money and i just hate having tonsillitis. plus, as a budding vocalist, i need my voice to be in top form all the time…
so….. the first step to really quit smoking was to throw away all my ciggarettes, of course, and not to buy them anymore,
and secondly, i have to throw away things that will remind me of smoking at home… so…. i will have to throw away my favourite ashtray.

Meet Cherrie. She is my ashtray who has an enormous boobs that will support my cigarettes if i need her too. its actually a birthday present from my 2 of my close friends.

I KNOW! BOOOOOOMZ right? leopard prints lei!!

See hoe beautiful she is… well, yes, if you notice the cracks and dent on the ashtray, its because it has been with me since forever!!
And so, with a heavy heart, i have to dump Cherrie before i change my mind about smoking. oklah, actually, my mind is already made up. its the nostalgia i am throwing away! it has been woth me through everything you know…
so, say goodbye to Cherrie, and say hi to a healthier me…
by the way, today is my 19th day of being smoke-free.. it is damn hard to stay smoke-free, especially if your close buddies are all smoker, but i shall persevere.
And i do need your support! i want to do this…

Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

3 thoughts on “I am not burning up anymore!!!

  1. why must throw? Wash and put inside display cabinet lah

  2. i was thinking about displaying it, but i guess it will remind me too much of smoking, so i rather throw it away… 😛

  3. Keep up the good work! You can go smoke free forever! Woohoo!

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