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My poor Cat!


Have you seen my cat before?? Maybe not… ok, let me introduce you…


This is cat. His name is.. err.. Cat! i know, creative eh? i had him since he was the size of my palm.. its been 5 years and i totally adore him! even though there were some bad times. Its just something about cats and their mysteriousness and attitude that i like about it. Just like me. always makes the people think what i might do next….

So, anyways, Cat has been very sick lately. Apparently, something stung him or he could have touch and ate something poisonous and he is really not doing too good. His paws is badly infected and his throat is full of ulcers. He has not been eating or drinking.. i was so worried that he was sent to the vet.. Oh, i just dont want to imagine if anything happens to him!!!!

So, the doctor said, its really a sting bite or something and he was prescribe with antibiotics and basically, thats it! and his paw is bandaged and he has to wear the collar.. he looks so pathetic that i feel so sad by just looking at him!!


see???? my pooor cat..

anyways, he is limping and he cant walk properly and he refuse to eat and its been a week.. even though he was forced feed with this antibiotics and water…. its so heartbreaking and i feel so helpless!! sigh….


can you see how sad his face is???? and ever since he is wearing the collar, he like to face the wall. like his ashame or something.. and refuse to be carried or patted. sigh…..


oh my dear Cat, please get well soon. try to eat and drink something!!

And you know i love you!!!!!!



Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

2 thoughts on “My poor Cat!

  1. You are most welcome Musxzart! 😀

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