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Singtel F1 Race.

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Yeay!!!!!!!! finally, i start to blog again… i just dont have much drive now days….
Urgh, so please bear with me, and all the post i am going to post is going to be so outdated, but what the hell, at least its out….


anyways, a few days ago, i was invited to the Singtel F1 Race event at Pickering Street. That is just like behind my office….. I was told it is going to be a racing competition.. and i hate competition, cause i always lose!!!!!!!! really!!!

but nonetheless, i was there, with many other bloggers.. i didnt realised it was a private event… like of course, doing it on the operation building of singtel….

and i had SO much fun! Firstly, its not like everyday where you can sit on a $S10k machine that really simulates the real F1 racing car… and then experience one of the most thrilling minutes in my life….

i was so shocked to feel how realistic this machines were… not that i ever sit in a real F1 car before, but still, the humps and bumps and cornering, was so so real, i think, after all that driving, i bet i can drive any car in singapore road… (and yes, i do NOT have a driving licence!)

And it was also nice to meet other bloggers and friends again!! Festive as always……..


Vroooom!!!! Oh, the “gamers” did not won the race after all… funny eh?


my first attempt in the huge cool machine!! need some guidance ya’ll!!!


and i was told these machine (there were 2 of them) were the exact replicas of the real car!!!


me, looking cool, trying not to crash!!

now, seriously, driving that thing, was indeed tough! you need to change gear, brake, corner, speed up, change gear again, and drive around and around the loop… i mean, the first 3 rounds was damn fun, but after that.. i just do not know how an F1 driver can focus and drive the same route for like 40 rounds…… it get a bit tiring and mundane!!!!!! maybe now we know why some of them purposely crash???? LOL

oh oh!!!

I even try on the suit!! cool eh????? dont i look so handosme.. like that hamilton guy? no?


oh, the suit was so warm, i only last 5 mins in it!!! again, can you imagine driving for hours in that in a hot car fueled by engine that probably produces so much heat u can fry your brains while driving????

ahh, another glam shot. only that i am wearing the wrong shoes!!!!


wheeeeeeeee………….. got potiential????


ahh, so, thank you thank you thank you for inviting me!!!!

i lurve it!!!!


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