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Am I, Really???

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You know how skeptical i am towards these people characterisation quizes is, and you know how general the answers are sometimes, but then, does it keep you thinking and wondering if you are really what it says, despite its unaccurateness and generalness of the answer?

how much can u trust all these readings and predictment? to how much is it true?

well, i recently did a funny one on facebook and below is what the system generates for me..

  • Stubborn and hard-hearted. (maybe?)
  • Strong-willed and highly motivated. (i think so)
  • Sharp thoughts. (of course)
  • Easily angered. (last time yes, now more calmed)
  • Attracts others and loves attention. (definately!!)
  • Deep feelings. (always)
  • Beautiful physically and mentally. (really, not sure at all about this one. mentally.. hmmnn, physically?? i think not at all!!)
  • Firm Standpoint. (usually)
  • Needs no motivation. (well, music and food always motivates me)
  • Easily consoled. (hmmn, no one ever consoled me before…)
  • Systematic (left brain). (YES YES YES)
  • Loves to dream. (all the time!!)
  • Strong clairvoyance. (is it?)
  • Understanding. (yes, definately)
  • Sickness usually in the ear and neck. (all the time!! urgh!!!!!)
  • Good imagination. (hahaha, to myself, for amusement)
  • Good physical. (erm… i dont think so…if you look at how fat i am now!!)
  • Weak breathing. (yes, i do have asthma)
  • Loves literature and the arts. (i love music and arts….)
  • Loves traveling. (YES, oh YES!)
  • Dislike being at home. (true, to a certain point)
  • Restless. (hmmn, yes, i dont like to be stagnant)
  • Not having many children. (what about NONE!!!)
  • Hardworking. (yes, if i am underpreassure!)
  • High spirited. (festive you mean? of course)
  • Spendthrift. (GOSH!!! yes!)

so, erm… how generalise is the answer above?? please please comment and tell me if you noticed that above are MY Characters, or attitude…..

i just need a confirmation!!!!

so, am i??

anyways, advert!! please please come to my concert below!!!!!! i promise it will be fun and entertaining!!!!

An Evening of Indonesian Music and Dance
NUS Singa Nglaras Gamelan and Dance Ensemble
7:30pm, Saturday, 21 March, 2009
LT13,The Theatrette (Opposite Coffee Express),
Arts Link, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
National University of Singapore

Featuring:- ·

  • Classical Javanese dance·
  • Wayangmbeling: Tragi-comic dance drama about love, lust and loyalty·
  • Javanese gamelan, classical and pop ·
  • Contemporary music for gamelan·
  • Balinese gender wayang
Sponsored by Southeast Asian Studies Programme, NUS, in collaboration with Artyfakt
For more information, please contact seajm@nus.edu. sg
COME OK!!!!!!

Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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