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things to eat when you are feeling down!!!!

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yes yes, i have my days! it has not been easy lately for me. my working life is getting a bit more stressing and hectic. and i think i shouldnt even go to my personal life, cause frankly speaking, its a big and total complete mess, its a joke! so anyways, i have been indulging in many sweet things, hoping that my life would be sweeter , or back to being sweeter, or at least, eating desserts makes me happy for that moment, so why not?????? oh, this post is not for the hungry or in a diet!!!!! …………
snow shave, from a dessert stall in Far East Plaza.. i really cannot remember the shop name right now, but the name of the dessert above is called “Hot Date”… yummmmeh!!!! its made of ice milk shaving, bananas, chocolate sauce, peanuts, condense milk and caramel!!!!!

this is called “First Love”.. yeah, the irony! its made of milk shavings, peach and condense milk!

and this is called “First Date”. this one has a queer taste!its milk shavings, with grape flavour in it! with aloe vera and grape sauce! and the milk shavings reminds me very much of Vitagen/Yakult, the grape flavour one! super refreshing!!!!! super yummmmmmmmmeh!
CHOCOLATES!lots and lots of chocolates! and you know, one of my client is a chocolate company so, there is an abundance of chocolate! oh, the photo above with chocolate is modeled by Melly, my BFF! look at her nails! bling bling can?????????

and chocolate ice cream! from Hagen Daz!!!!! and that is Chocolate Fantasy! like double scoop of belgium chocolate ice cream and what-nots.. and yes, the presentation on the ice cream is damn vulgar! u balls, and a cone in between.. with cream?? like wtf was the chef thinking????? and yes, i am still not feeling as festive! so i am going to find more chocolates after this entry!!!!!! ta………………


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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