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where art thou?

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Photobucket yes yes, thats my photo down there. and NO, i am not dead, despite the many who wished i was dead.. i know… and no, i did not made the altar thingy up there. its actually my work space and my weird colleagues decided to redecorate my table and make an altar for me. wah lau, like a dead man one can? i mean, i put my photo there for me to see how good looking i am, then use my stick incense to become joss stick? then use my orange and sweets as offering? wah lau.. suay can? chinese new year lei……… anyways. no i am not dead! ……..on a seperate note, look what i got!………….. Photobucket chocolates. lots and lots of chocolate. my dear client gave me and my boss boxes of them. my hard work kinda pays off abit. well, at least better then no chocolates! whee.. happy days ahead in the office!!!!!!! oh oh, did i tell you? i decided to come back to gamelan. i was in gamelan today again after like 3 months of hiatus. well, i dunno really if i should and i want to come back! so much drama, the things i know and find out, the things people are saying and doing behind my back… but anyways, i think i need my music theraphy. so there i was..just so, to let you know… i need to be happy again!!!!


alicia and eileen…

xinwei … a very happy princess!



oh, this post, is dedicated to all my mysterious and unknown readers and fans out there!you know who you are!!! love ya, and god bless!!!


Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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