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From colleagues to friends to long distances…

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this entry is dedicated to my dear Rinaz whom, right now is so far away in the godzone land of europe, where the Pope drinks wines and sashay down the streets with his red prada loafers…


yes, my dear rinaz…. i never really knew her really until i was forced to attend a work training session at some secondary school and actually, that is the first time i met rinaz. she was this bubbly girl whom approached me and say hi and we ended up sitting beside each other during training..and she had this big box of chocolate and she gave me some chocolate bars, which was heavenly.. and we just picked up from there. i didnt realised she was that famous blogger who won “best asian blog” that year until our supervisor announced it openly during the session… ahahaha, then only i realised.. hey… another blogger… famous somemore ok!!!

so, we became close not immediately but over a long period of time.. we met again and again during our work outing, following her blog and tumblr post regularly, and msning and eating out and cam whoring and all the fun nonsense that many of us like to do and all that… she was the connection for me to get closer to the insiders part of the whole blogger’s soceity in singapore.. which i obviously love it… i mean, all the networking and new friends i found… its just not fun, its more then that…

and so, last month, our dear rinaz, got hitched to a wonderful man… whom, in the blogger’s soceity, claimed to host the wedding of the year.. (true true true)…. and it was all over the papers too!!! a fairy tale wedding…. eh babe, are you wearing an italian couture wedding dress that night???








Glimpse from the techno wedding of the year!!!

Photobucket wonderful sweet cupcakes, with signature avatars on it!!!!
Photobucket rinaz and cart cart land!!!
Photobucket see!! italian couture one!!!
Photobucket sorry blur blur.. camera phone only lah!!!!!
Photobucket oh, did i told you that the wedding is broadcast live on www.rinaz.net ……..
Photobucket see the food???? yummmeh!!!!
Photobucket eck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photobucket the most over-dressed guest and rinaz!!!! ……. and now she is like a few thousand kilometers away in rome with her new husband! how great is that… makes me think, there is a happily ever after, after all the dramas i have went through…. (positive thinking, a new year resolution!!!!!!!!) ah, italy…. just think of all the italian-made shoes, italian couture, all the nice fashions they have (prada, gucci, ferrari, dolce gabbana, armani, vespa and all the tiramisu and pizza and wine and prosecco and champagne and spagetti, and the nice weather… NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!)
Photobucket good old days!!!!!

Photobucket yes, we all are food-oholic! …… and also cam-whore-holic…
Photobucket “you called me sexeh?????”
Photobucket “or did you not?”
Photobucket “maybe i am just too hot for you!! here, take my fan!!!”
Photobucket “serious seh!!!!”
Photobucket if you notice, rinaz always makes funny faces when she takes photos with me!!! argh! Photobucket
so my dear rinaz, i congratulate u for making it happen, wishing you all the best in your new adventure in a new land, a new outlook in your life with your partner, and hopefully, more great news ahead… and yes, i will definately visit you in rome soon….. its not likes its that far,its only a 14 hour plane journey!!!


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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