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Singapore Bloggers Calender 2009.

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yes yes, i am a part of the 2009 singapore bloggers calender! as shameless as i can get, i am in the month of may ok! and also in november. dont ask why…. anyways, with the genius idea of certain bloggers, this is the end product of it. and what more could happen with a big launch get-together party to mark the beginning of a very nice big project! we were all at the ice-cold-bar at SMU for the launch-cum-get together, and it was indeed a fun time!

ok, no mood to write any further. enjoy the photos, courtesy of LiveStudios.sg .

May babies united again!!! and look how many i bought. yes yes, i still have extra! want some?
Slyv, me, jayden, daphnemaia and simplyjean.
limetouch, honeymeow, me, slyv, willy and daphnemaia

i didnt realised my photo was taken here!!!! but nice anyway..


socialising… as always….

me and jayden

group photo!!!


For those who is interested to buy a copy of the calender, please email me with your contact number to musxtakim@yahoo.com . $6.00 per piece! you know you want it!!!!
For online version of the calender, go to http://bloggers2009.album.sg/.
Credits to Willy Foo, Daphne Maia, Darran Low, Pat Law, and Dorothy Poon!
Have a great year.. at least!


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