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omg, my first spam/haters/whatsoever!!!

i didnt know my ranting could be so popular, by 1 person! LOL! OMG, and this person is even from NANYANG ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS lor.. so paiseh ler.. hahaha!

she/he must have been in the choir people.. but really, the choir sucked to the core that night. so many missed entries, out of tuned, over tuned, under tuned. oh well, btw, whoever you are, please try harder to make it real can? all from the same IP address.. LOL…

well, at least i know people are reading my blog! LOL

robert: Great review, I enjoyed laughing at it. Dessun Norma is from which opera?
05 Sep 08 15:29

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nancy: uhh. do you even under stand the meaning of nessun dorma? in which world can it EVER be romantic?! -.- dont just blog without brains please. it makes you look stupid.
05 Sep 08 15:20

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lol: yeahow stupid cant even get the title right and u wanna comment about other ppl.. who are freakin professionals with ur cat
05 Sep 08 15:16

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shannon: And honey, jessica chen is from taiwan? And oh, wow I sure would like to hear your cat sing/purr/reow whatever.. I mean a cat can pitch! Isn’t that amazing? A cat better than Lee Jae Wook..
05 Sep 08 15:09

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shannon: Oh goodness if you want to give a review on an opera the least you can do it get your song title right.. it’s Nessun Dorma and not Dessun Norma. I do love to hear you sing Dessun Norma
05 Sep 08 15:07

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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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