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I will miss you. greatly. really. and my butt looks perky in pictures!

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As many if you know, i am going for a career change soon. yes, i finally quit my present job for a new one. a better paying one. a more benefit paying job. yes, i think i earned it. slaving through all these year and still not getting acknowledge or getting a pay rise… they say work satisfaction is more important then money, but then, i think both are equally important. i mean, why must i do the work that i am good at for free or at cheap price? its a specialisation u know… haiz…. and there isn’t any counter offer.. after all these years… depressing but i guess, its about time i move on!

anyways, i am going to miss my collegues, no cancel that, my friends greatly when i change job. i am really doubting myself. if i go to the new place, will i get such good friends that i can work with and hang out and joke around. you know these law firms.. they can get pretty intense and boring…

anyways, i just want to say, I WILL MISS YOU WANA AND REY. Greatly. Sigh.

me, rey and wana. oh, wana is a damn good photographer too! see, if i stay, we can use the school’s resources and make photography but i guess i should really save for the camera that i have been eyeing (Canon 450D!!! anyone?)

JUMP Wana, JUMP! oh, did you know that Wana was my junior in secondary school? when i was in secondary 4, she entered my school. and the funny thing is that, she remembers me when she came the first day to work. i dun seems to remember much people from my school days. it was traumatising, so i would like to put that behind, thank you very much!!

rey, acting cute. please lor, u see the photos, this guy looks like damn young right? but actually hor, he is older then me lei… like 2 year older. depressing isnt it? to be looking older.. my HOD even thought i was 30. like WTF? &%#&$*&_)&*&^%%$#@#! 30 lei.. i look that old ah?

btw, how much is plastic surgery eh? like face lift?

and me.. i look fat.

and see how big and perky my butt is… its a curse really…

feeling titanic.. really rey?

photo taken by wana, when we went out for lunch at the prata place… damn chioness right this photo? told ya she is a damn good photographer…. i look like its taken from an advertistment or something……

and my perky butt. wah lau, i didnt realised it was that big and perky lah… haiz… nice meh perky butt? perky butt looks funny when u wear jeans u know….. bounce bounce bounce!

“I like big butts and i cannot lie. You other brothers can’t deny” – Big Butt Rap from the comedy series, Friends…

Wana, lets go for lunch again and cam whore again……..


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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