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Musxzart is clothed by Prince Tailors.

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This is an Advert!

As many of you might know, i am a poor penniless musician, who is in need of clothes….. Plus, with my new and upcoming job, i am in need of ma wardrobe overhaul. I cannot wear anymore T-shirt and jeans or anything that casual. I have to look corporate for the new job… Yes i know, i am going to look old and boring.. unless…. i have better corporate clothes…..

In any case, with my whiny plead for new clothes to many people, Prince Tailor has decided to sponsor me a few tailored clothings for my new job. And i think, the best clothes in the world is when it is custom made, tailored fit to your need and body shaped and size. really. if you go into any random shop and if you have weird body shape like me, you can never really fit into their clothes comfortably. unless you are lucky that the designer made the size that is almost fitting to your body size.. like me, i can olny fit topman’s t shirt jersey well. if i try other brands, its either that my shoulder fits nicely, but the shirt is too long that i look like i am wearing a jersey t-shirt-ish dress, or if the length fits, the shoulder is too small, i look like wearing a sports bra.. oh you know, my shoulders are just too broad (a curse for me really, but people say broad shoulders are to die for… really?)

So, thank you Prince Tailors..

suave eh?

they have really good cutting and quality to their pieces…

custom fit shirt and pants..

So, if you need any tailored fit, custom made clothes, be it a shirt, or pants, or blazers or dress, thay can do it. At an affordable price, its an investment to your wardrobe in the long run… And i heart you Prince Tailors.. I will look fabulous in my new work place!!!!!!

Prince Tailors
400, Orchard Road
#01-26, Orchard Towers
Singapore 238875
Tel: 6735 1989
Email : princetailors@lycos.com

They are open weekdays from 10am to 10pm,
and weekend from 10am to 9pm.


Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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