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ok, many of you might alreayd know where i am going to move. yes, its in little india. a walking distance from mustafa center and farrer park mrt. so, here, i am going to show you my new “old” neighbourhood.
this post is entirely random. things are getting a little mundane and boring right now before the move. lots of packing and all. its a very tiring process… in out in out..
this will be the entrance/exit of the mrt station which i will use quite frequently to get to work…

and this is the beautiful temple (quite happening, live music everyday) before the junction to turn into the street of my new house..

and the conservation area houses…

and yes, i am in no. 28.

cool eh? i will post more pictures up soon, as soon as i moved in (which is this friday) and set up the place and all… i love re-decorating!!








in anyways, i was in my prof’s house in gillman heights when i say this gorgiss clouds… so i knew i have to take it. being in the highest floor in the flat..

pretty eh? (cue Handel’s Messiah’s Hallelujah!)

makes me wanna eat ice cream and soak myself in the sun and look at clouds…

and that is me. funny shot but i tot i look gorgiss in that photo…. no? oh well….


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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