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juicy time at Garuda Nasi Padang (better then eating stale unmarinated lamb at bbq)

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ok, let me write this down big big again, in case people dont really read it carefully.
The previous post is not a hate post, but more of a factual, opinionated review of things that is going around me. Get it?
anyways, guess what? the previous post really got someone(hahahaha!!!) worked up and the last time i heard, a few sms were sent saying “I don’t like the way Mus is saying things about me on his blog”. Hmmnn, and i didnt even get the sms. i wonder why?
Not happy tell me lah.. want to sneak around telling the whole world about it, like as if people dont tell me like that what is happening? singapore hor, very small lor..
anyways, i think i speak for the most people there that attend the BBQ, or let me correct, as written on the email invitation “KHIM’S BBQ”. so technically, i do not know why the organizer (The one and only Khim) wrote that
“Don’t complain, disclaimer, I wasn’t the one who organise it, Alan was, and refused to take comments, so just let him be embarrassed.”
i am just so grateful that there is bbq for us lor, but hor, why would Alan organize the bbq for us for fun? anyways, as i said, the invitation is “Khim’s BBQ” mah, so i automatically, i think the people know who is the main organizer… so i dunno why she is pushing blame(not i say one hor, people told me)
and, another quote,
“Anyways, I did ask what you all would like to bring and I wil bring the rest, since everyone is as usual very enthu, I was very glad I saved some money.”
aiyoh, want to have BBQ is already so cheap, still want to save money… hmmn, well someone (i am not going to named names here) even told me that
“always buying cheap easy things…..(actually there is more to this but i was told not to wrote it down.. too hurtful………”
wah, see, i didnt have to say anything, people also can see and tell me…….
anyways, just accept that the bbq is not the best party lah. just accept that is pretty much sucks. try again later ok?
now, back to more important stuffs, i had dinner a few days ago in Garuda Nasi Padang. i heard many not so good review about that place. but i guess i just have to tried it myself. and but, was i surprised. it was damn bloody good lah! I so like the rendang there. POWER!

i went with daniel and patsy (star couple, muhahahaha..).

me and thomas. he dyed his hair blonde blonde. feeling Marilyn Manroe har?

sambal eggplant..

chicken rendang.

beef rendang….

sambal kacang and tempe…

sambal prawns….

wonderful, crispy juicy omellette.


and i had my favourite, Jus alpukat (avocado juice with chocolate sauce!!)

satisfied people…

are you hungry already?

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