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of the very far away bbq… oh look helicopter!

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ok ok, i finally update. after much poking from eileen’s telepathy finally get on my nerves. so this is the famous bbq entry that everyone seems to be looking forward to.
ok, this entry is not a hate entry. just that the bbq ah.. hmmnnn… quite a dissappointment lah.
ok firstly, the bbq is like damn far lah. super super damn far. think changi airport. we took a huge open air lorry to ferry us all from bedok mrt because i think cab is just too expensive. did you know that from the east coast macdonalds, if you were to cycle, it will take u about 30 to 45 mins (from first hand experience of sabrina’s) and by cab, is 7 bucks fare. wah lau. too freaking far lah….. somemore, the pit is like so hidden from dunno where. when we dropped from the lorry, we still have to walk and walk…
(see and tell time)

see, walk walk walk walk, also still havent reach. carry so many things for the bbq you know…. and the poor hidayat carried like 5 kg of chicken wings all the way from bukit batok to east coast oh wait, cancel that. changi! see all the hungry faces…. haiz…..
and then we were too sians to be angry after so much walking, we decided to be fabulous. me and eileen on our “paparazzi” shot… failed.

and this is the nicest picture of me and sherina. the sun so shiny and hot and we look shiny and sparkly, of sweat and angst…

oh oh, this the organizer of the bbq. khim tiam. we called her kopi tiam. oh oh, the invitation says that the fire will start at 4.00pm. guess what time she came? 6 lor. and she is the one that is suppose to be bringing charcoal. then we down there, early and excited and hungry, all waiting. see, still cna shashay to the pit. oh oh, we kinda gotten lost getting there, so i called her. thats how we knew she is only on the way… her reply was “eh, dun give me that funny tone lei. i’m late because i am not the one driving mah..” like what? your own bbq still late still give me such reason….. hmmpppfff…

so, since we were all hungry, we ate delicious bread and pastry that nazzar brought for the bbq. oh oh, the bbq was potluck. weird isn’t it. the organizer brought charcoal and frozen lamb and we the people have to bring the food. i think there were not enough food. lets see, there were 30 chicken wing courtesy of yat, 2 packets of hotdogs and a packet of crab stick courtesy of eileen, chicken meat courtesy of sherina, pastry courtesy of nazzar, a bottle of wine and some soft drinks courtesy of jan and family, and vegetables courtesy of me and thomas. and that was it. interesting food choices eh? knowing that we are a gazzilions miles away from the next supermarket. oh, and there was frozen lamb from ntuc, unmarinated , and sotong balls courtesy of khim and her bf, Alan. and that was it.

anyways, i cannot stand being in an unglam, unfabulous party, so we made it fabulous ourself.

oh look, national day rehearsal. the chopper carrying our national flag. urgh.. and its only june!!!!

ok, so anyways, i think i accidentally upload the pictures into a smaller size.. but thats ok. so.. khim’s bf and friend (which she didnt introduced to us.. so we shall name him WTEV), tried to start the fire but after 15 mins or so with dirty hands, there is still no sign of smoke. and guess who have to save the day as usual? me lah. wah lau, i have to start the fire lei.. and i am guest…

see.. me at work. i just need 5 mins and the charcoal is burning red hot lah. the best comparison between and amature and the proffessional…

and so, i wash my hands while yat look at the fire…. hoping that his chicken wings will not be chao tar (burnt) later….

oh, see, i told you, its pit 77. its like the end of all pits. and we are at the path of the plans landing and departing. we were playing “guess the plane” game for at least a good 30 mins when we re waiting for the food to cooked. hahahaha….

so, now, we let the fire do its work while we sit down and drink….

i am like so bloody thirsty, and most of us were bored alreayd by then….

and so the food. the slightly burnt chicken wings, but it was so damn delicious. oh! i forgot to take sherina’s chicken fillet. she had the best marination award that day. something with herbs and orange juice. it was yummmmy…..

oh and garlic bread. courtesy of me again.

nassar, trying to cook on the fire..

and so the cam whore starts….

sabrina, khim tiam(organizer), and me. still smiling despite…..

and and and, jan was making a couple game (i still dunno how it works), and it seems that the paired up couple of the day is yat and eileen. hahahaa, see how romantic..







me and eileen, looking fabulous!

things bbqing.. it looks like alot but trust me, it was nothing much..

me and sabrina. she is gorgiss!!!!!!

and then there were drinking section. we drank figs thingy. yummy. very very sweet.

how to drink it is that you were suppose to shake the bottle un opened, and shake it till it foams, then when it foams enough, opened it, and drink it without hands. see above. thats how i did it and thats how it suppose to be done!!

and sherina tried it, with pleasure!

the feigling! so cute the bottle!!!!!

and thats me cooking more! or actually, cooking of what is left…

more shot from the couple of the day!

and eileen tried again her paparazzi shot. slightly better this time!!

and i am just a professional!!

haha, so, anyways, the party started about 6ish, and guess what the party started to fizzles out? 8. yes. thats when people started to go home. cause it was kinda blend and frumpy and boring and there were not much food left.

so, me, thomas, eileen, sabrina and nassar decided to flee before they make is clean the pit. urgh. guess where we went??






yes swenson in orchard road’s crown hotel! we needed some ice cream to cool down out temper! but the queue was crazy. so we cam whore again at the entrance…

oh, and iskandar, sabrina’s love buddy came to join us too after his work. this architecture people, work until so late.. draw draw only so difficult meh?

and i ate like this malty chocolate ice cream, which was devine. but the only thing is that, it arrived to late, it was melting, and i really cannot eat with my spoon. a straw would be much prefered but then i wouldnt have ordered an ice cream would i?

ahhh, the joy of ice cream. that was the highlight if the day lor.

and i feel that, when you are the organizer of any party or bbq, i feel that the organizer should be responsible for the food and drinks. isnt it just right? how can u let the guest bring food for you just because you booked the $15 bbq pit and just bring charcoals? its almost like eating for free lor….. next time, when i do a bbq, all of you must see how i do it…. urgh…..

reminder, this is not a hate post!


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