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of Sentosa and flour and ice creams.

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i was in sentosa on wednesday with my company for a day of outing for my profession. well, its a bit fun and the rest were more of catching up and getting to know more people that is doing what i am doing.
i enjoyed it a bit but i know someone did not. ahhahaha, right Rinaz?
anyways, it was all fun and its all for the nostalgia….. its fun knowing that your classmates also work in the same company as you but you just don’t know it……
ok, photos below……

me and Rinaz , with our best mimi’s smile.

our first group photo, see if u can find me…
oh, the turn out for the day, only 40% of the over all strength…..

our first games activities….. i look natural here.. i think my mimi’s signature smile is embedded in my face already….

somemore, many people already complain that i always look the same in all the photos.. same smile in every photo, like template like that… wrong meh?

our second group photo, after much flour, sand, sea water, plauin water, polo sweets, rope burns, satay sticks poking… and list goes on…

and the first saboh-ing. ok, the saboh-ing is like forever lah.. everyone also got hit.. wah lau, somemore, i didn’t bring extra shorts….

and then it rained like no one’s business… very surreal…

and the saboh-ing doesnt stop. i was kinda pissed… but thank god for people like Rinaz and Sri, the day was not such a waste after all….

my game’s team for the day…
guess what they called my team? “ICEMAN”. more like ice cold bitch lor……

me and liling. she is my classmate in poly lor last time…

and ashlynn. she is leaving the company… good for her. good luck and best endervours!

so, when the rain stop, me sri and rinaz decide to go to somewhere more fun after the saboh-ing. we just have to get out of there. so we decided for… vivocity’s Ben and Jerry’s!! Wheeee….

rinaz is forever making funny faces on my camera………..

yummy yummy yummy, i got love in my tummy!!!!

and then eileen join us too cause me have gamelan after that……… and rinaz and eileen finally meet. they are fellow pingster and blogger and twitterer too! haiz…..

it was a funny day. really.


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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