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thai, colour and food whoring.

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Friday was a blastlah! i had a gig in Swissotel “Kopitiam” . it was again the opening of the Thai food fare with flown-in Thai chef. so we noy-noy-noying in Swissotel! It was fun.

For the first time, the hotel and their management and the managers and the people know how to treat musicians like me. they were, say, generous enough to help us from the concierge all the way to the changing room (a make shift ballroom), and even give us drinks and juices while we are getting ready.

and, during our performance, many staffs were so interested in our performance and they actually clapped for us when were are done with a number. appreciatation!! people must learn how to appreciate music and musicians. I was so pleased. and they were generous with the fees too! And, i think, Swissotel is one damn fun location to stay lah. i mean, you are looking over the Padang, seeing the skyscrapers of the CBD area, staring over the “durian” and going nauseating on the Singapore Wheel… ahh… told ya it was fun…..

anyways, i think this is going to be another photo galore, as always….

the musicians and the dancers.. can see who’s who right? like i am more “less bright” cause i am the musician… LOL

the ever beautiful, ever graceful dancer, Nunuk. she powerlah, can dance thai can dance javanese. i am so going to learn javanese dance from her once i come back from my holiday…

posing posing… ala Thai

Elena and Xing Ching. oh, these pretty 2 hot babes, well, lets say, i had the best time lah. i was such in a creative mode that i did their make up. chio or not? i got skills one right? wah lau, fun lei. its like art class in secondary school all over again. paint paint paint. they had 2 dances, i did 2 make up change… fun lei.. really fun!

so, if u need professional make up done, ask me ok. i charge very cheap one!!!

at the stage… damn small lah. must squeeze squeeze. until i sit down and cannot feel my legs ler…

act cute. bluergh!

and the boys….

so, anyways, the Kopitiam Thai food fare is still going till the 8th of June.

The Posters. See, got even photos of us!





ok, so then, on Saturday, Eileen called me and ask if i want to hang out? so after i went to my travel agent, i met them in town. and we went to Soup Spoon for lunch. and boy, was i satisfied.

i had the clam chowder soup set meal. and the set meal comes with a drink, and a sandwich or roll. i had a chicken masala roll. delicioius lah! and i had spicy potato wedges also. yummy can. i didnt know how much a soup can fill me up (kinky!!), but boy, was i filled. to the brim. thank god i was in town. i can work off all the calories lah!!!!

my clam chowder.. with a small bread at the side.

my masala chicken roll.. yummy, comes with a small side salad (the salad kind of sucks. bad dressing i assume)

and the nice spicy potato wedges! juicy!

and me with the best mimi’s smile before tucking in…

eileen and khim tiam, posing… as always..

and then, half way thru lunch, Khim’s bf called so she is going to bailed out on us. wah lau… but its ok. me and eileen was planning to walk around anyway. and so, the great singapore sale is onlah! power! so we were walking up and down orchard road and guess what, i didnt shop or buy anything. that was how disciplined i was lah. its was hard ok, knowing that i am an impluse shopper.. sigh sigh sigh……. i saw this Porter bag, i fell in love but i guess, fate says that we are not meant to see each other… so sad. so heart breaking!!!!

so anyways, after walking like up and down orchard, i had enough. and eileen was complaining that her legs are giving up on her.. so we decided to chill. and we went to Coffee Club and had a chocolate fondue… wheeeee… exhilirating!!!!!

damn juicy strawberries with tons of chocolate..

the fruit platter and marshmellow…

the ultimate chocolate sauce fondue thingy..

and my ice earl grey tea with vanilla ice cream…

and me again..

and eileen.. damn nice right the background?

oh, and below is totally me trying to show off my photo collection. all taken after the performance at the Swissotel…

and the best shot of me this weeks.. i look damn thin here lah!!



see, told ya i look thin, so sharp my chin!!!!

oh, thats all. really.


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