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a beachy hot day seems like forever.

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i am officially chao tar (burnt) lah! 2 consecutive weekends at the beach. i am like a living snake, shedding skin like forever… and i am so dark now. but you know what they say about tanned skinned people, they look thinner… i think not lah. still a fat ass…
anyways, i went to bintan after the may day weekend and before the vesak day weekend. it was quiet and peaceful and hot. actually, it was not as sunny as i have thought. when we reach there the first day, which is a saturday, it rained like cats, dogs, pussies and puppies lah… it was raining already so hard in singapore when i was waiting for the ferry in tanah merah. then the ferry ride, well, was kind of a blur. i was sleeping throughout. but i was informed that the ferry was so shaken up by the waves that it was going so so slow so that we dont get sick in the ferry.. really. i couldnt feel it. i think i was even snoring. and because of the rain, we took like 90 mins ride to bintan, instead of the usual 45 mins ride…..
i mean, i am not complaining cause i had a good nap in the ferry…….
so, first day was raining and was grey and depressing for a beach day so i ended up sleeping in the cabanas for like forever. aircon, thick blankets and rain… supre uber shiok lah…..
but second day was like hot hot hot…. anyways, i think i was 2 shades darker after the bintan trip lah…
oh oh, i think this post is going to be another photo galore…..

the evening sun by the beach. with the jeep waiting to be towed back to the garage….
damn romantic can? plus, i am such a damn good photographer lah. where can you get such photos in singapore one?
oh, and those we wants to use my photographs, please ask permission ok. i dont charge royalties, (ok, maybe a bit), but i would prefer a name and a bit of fame, thank you very much….

me, attempting to be all romantic by the nice colour and weather… tak menjadi lah!

and that is the glamour shot of me… after sleeping like forever.. cannot show eyes.. too puffffy…
then hor, this shade, now i dunno where i put it.. damn it.. i like this shades very much….

cocktails ya’ll… sipping cocktails and look at the sun setting… very glamourous and satisfying

oh, then for dinner, i went to the bbq buffett in the nirwana garden resort hotel compound. it was like S$33 +++ and you can eat all you want. al fresco! their dessert bar is like huge lah. and then got performance somemore. see, they put a frangipani? on my head. damn gu niang can? they performed traditional sumatran music and dance and riau music and dance. very entertaining lah…. worth your money… plus, the food there, was damn good. some were quite so la-la, but their lobster was good. and the satay.. power!

me with the best mimi smile, as always and forever!

and i tried very hard to take a night shot, without a tripod. it was tough lah. the moon was shining so nice on the sea. all silvery and myterious. i just have to do it. this photo is one of the many night moon shot i tried. still quite blurry….. haiz… shaky hands!

see, damn good right the photo? must sell this photo to banana boat… anyways, the second day was a hot hot hot hot day! i got sunburnt!

and thats me, after the whole day in the sun.. i ujst have to cover up. it was just too sunny… i wanted to post more pictures of me cam whoring on the beach but then, i realised, i was too FAT. so as not to spoil anyones appetite, i will not try to post any almost naked photos of me…

and this one to nivea.. wah, i can be so rich lah, make all these photos and selling it to them…

this was taken when i was having dinner before going to the ferry terminal to go home… it was sunset again. only this time, the sky was clear, it was breezy, very “mtv-esque” moment…..

the following pictures are some of my best photo shoot. and i took it. i know some people said it looks like a bloody postcard, but it how it was there. i didnt even photoshopped it. its how it was. i repeat, i did not copy this from any postcard or scanned it from any postcard. it all my original works… wheee….. oh, and please, i repeat, do not use my pictures without my permission please….












Sunset In Bintan.

the best shot of the day! if you look carefully, there is this couple at the beach, frolicking, all romantic. i was lucky when i took this photo… ahhh!!! give me fame!!!!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

so, then, on the vesak day weekend, i went to sentosa with the usual gang.. (I think i need to name the group, the gang is like…. so… original lah…)

anyways, it was such a blinking hot day lah. 2 hours in the sun and i have to bail and change… i was burnt, like totally…… thank god, Diana drives her new yellow thing, so we dont need to fight for space on the over crowded trams from sentosa to vivo or vice versa… the perks……

oh, i changed my hair colour on sunday. initially, i just want to lightened the colour on my hair. and then turn out to be like this.. wah lau… and i only put the creme on my head for only like 30 mins become like this.. so bright lah… and my brother said i look the old sleazy old man that frequent to batam for sex kind of hair colour… na beh……

my best mimi at the beach, in the water pose… yes yes, i know… fat!

me and mike.. this mike hor… wants to be as tanned as me.. wah lau.. skin cancer lah like that, if he wants to tanned until as dark as me…. crazy…

me with another winning mimi smile…

mike and anna… cam whore, as always. thats why we are friends….

diana, me and mike..

sentosa, pahlawan beach. damn crowded can? and if you compare the bintan pictures from above, wah lah, see what 45 mins can bring you? from a greenish beach to the one of the nicest beach in SEA…. so close…

me and diana, changed and dolled up after 2 hours in the sun. we changed and went to the air conditioned food court and nua there.. so much better…





oh oh… then then then, on saturday, i had the best naan bread lunch ever in little india.. but i forgot the shop name but i know how to get there. its the junction of Desker Rd (i know what this road is famous for, but really…), beside Serangoon main road. and its just one more block to Mustaffa Center……

entrance to Deskar Road.. hur hur hur….

the old shop house feeling. i missed my geylang shophouse!!!! sigh…

i had mango lasssi…. power!!

and garlic naan, cheese naan, and plain naan. that is alot of naan, and the portion is huge lah..

we had potato thingy gravy, chicken, cottage cheese and all.. it was such a wonderful lunch.. just writing this down makes my stomace grumbles…

oh well, thats it… i am hungry now……….. naan anyone?


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