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the festivity through my birth anniversary celebration.

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damn it! i am a year older. and i still am a loser, i think. oh well, it was quite a depressing week actually. getting older. knowing that your expectations and goals are not met when you made the plans prior before u are that certain age. yes? or is it just me.
anyways, this is going to be another photo galore cum cam-whore entry. i know lah, too many photo of me. but i know i can because its like my birth anniversary ya’ll.
so, on tuesday, a few hours before it strike midnight, i had a very huge scrumptious meaty dinner at Carnivore in Vivocity. yes, all the meat. all the protien. good isnt it? its a brazilian meat buffet restaurant and it only serves mostly meat. chicken, lamb, mutton, beef, chicken heart, occasionally bread, salads, anti pesto. the restaurant is so chic and it only cost rought baout 40 odd bucks for a buffett of meat, and boy, i had such a good time eating. only to realised i have overfed myself. ok, people, do not ever overfed yourself. the pain is like forever. all the numbness on your hand and legs and head cause all your blood are freakingly being concentrated around your stomach. but in anyways, i had such a good time. eating and all that. danke schoene meiner bazn!
my plate of half eaten meat and rice
grape juice

the chef cutting a roast beef on my plate. i think this was my 5th helping or something.. (whose counting anyways…..)

this soup, this cauliflower soup, is heavenlylah! it got such a nice taste, very flavourful, rich and oh so tasty that i had 2 bowls(of small helping everytime!!)

the meat doesnt stop. it comes and its staying…

so, if you are a real meat lover, i suggest you go to carnivore and start chewing to all the half dead carcass you can swollow in your entire life! its very very good, just dont overfed yourself. you wouldn’t want to experience that!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

oh oh, then, on the actual day of my birth anniversary festivity, well, it was depressing. i went to work. i dressed a little bit more. and i think due to facebook, like, a quarter of my collegues knew it was my birthday. and so, lots of greeting. and best part was during lunch, some teacher catered food for the whole school because.. well, just because we care about each other.. hahaha.. so, one of the teachers suddenly start to sing me huge loud birthday song! ahahha, everyone sang me a birthday song. so embarressinglah. even my Number 1 and Number 2 were there to sing along with the rest of the school. sigh… so embarresing. i mean, not really embarressing, but u know, paiseh. like, i never got such focus and attention during my birthday. hahahaha..

so, i ended work at 4, went to a good job interview (i dunno if i should take the job up), and then proceed to NUS for my wednesday daily dosage of gamelan…

and so, xinwei bought me a cake. YEAY! ok, i also chip in to buy the cake cause, you know, its my birthday after all (someone told me i shouldn’t be buying my own cake during my birth anniversary, but then? who sia?) fun lah. we played gamelan, mostly the songs and symphonies that i particularly picked out for the entire night for myself… hahaha…. the power of influence…

anyways, photosss…..

the wonderful blackforest cake from breadtalk. juicy juicy cheeries. i love cherries!

me, an attempt for a mimi smile.

and so, they all sang me another birthday song. in many different tuning. it was a complete mess but it was so funny and fun! and then we eat cake! whee……..

the tauruses, Khim, me and Xinwei

and then came the cam-whoring, as always.

the ever so cute xinwei. merci boocoop for the cake!!!

oh oh, then, we have the PHOTO OF THE DAY.. Presenting Eileen!!!!
*smile smile smile* best shot of the day!
she is going to kill me for putting this photo, unedited!

Chio right? hahaha….

eileen and deyana! (deyana went missing from gamelan for about a year! and she is back! whee)

more paparazzi moment!

again, paparazzi moment!

the smiling divas, with Ms Taxes USA, Ms Tiffany Hacker. “World Peace”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

and then, the next day, my collegues at work (those wonderful peeps from the general office) surprised me with another cake! wheeeeeeeeee…. my birth anniversary has almost turned into a festival lei! so fun! My TA, Rey Rey bought me cake and the rest of the peeps shared to give my monetery present! Ahh… *sniff sniff* so touched lah!

the wonderful fruit cake with fresh cream! yummy!!!!!!

me, attempting to cut the cake the 2nd time…

and May, the admin exec, gives me the “present” officially. hahahhaa…

ahhh………… and that was the whole festivity of my birth anniversary. oh, on the actual day of my birth anniversary, Straits Times contacted me for an interview. weird but we see how it goes. if you see me and the article on the papers, make sure u cut the article and scanned it and email me ok.. hehehhee……


oh, before i forget, Melissa Loo, merci boocoop for your present too! i really like it…. you got good taste you sexy babe! BIG HUGS!!!!!!!


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