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of yellow cars, thai music and pre-birth anniversary.

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this is going to be a long post i think… oh, and, photos galore ahead…
anyways, on 1st of may, i met up with diana and anna (the usual gang) in the France Automobile building because someone got a new car.. hehehe, yes. its a Peugeot 107. a yellow little thing. its quite smooth though, but i feel the car is a too small for me but then, for a newbie and a “first” owned car, i guess thats a good start. plus, the dealer gave so much freebie lah, like leather seating, and gps and stuffs.. not bad eh… now we need to go shopping to jazzed up the yellow thing. i still have to think of a name for that yellow thing…
oh, while waiting for the car, i was so mesmerised by the peugeot 1007. damn slick lah but its like 20k more expensive then the 107 so i guess, i can dream big for now.. hahaha…
me feeling yellow..

“world peace”

the real owner.

me checking up on myself…

in anycase, on friday, i was having this thai performance in Orchard Hotel. its a kid of a thai food festival thingy where they invite the chefs from thailand and cook and we were like the big entourage playing music for the official opening. in other words, we are like the better live version of a radio or cd player playing thai classical music. heh.. well, the pay is so-so lah but i guess, the most difficult thing doing this gig is that when you are starving, and you have to concentrate and play music in front of the buffet table, it gets pretty challenging. really. most of the people aren;t really interested in the music or dance that we put up. i think some of them rather find us annoying. and i find it so hard when you are on stage famished, and all you smell is tom yam soup and friend chicken and stuffs of that nature… but it was fun though. really… an expericence as they say. its all for the nostalgia…. i think i will have more gigs of such nature coming up soon. just have to make sure i am not hungry when i go up to the stage… being a musician is a tough thing….

the musicians.

like one thai bureucrat and his 2 wives. muahahha…

my best mimi smile.

the musicians and the dancer.

ok, the dancer. glam right? nice right? wah lau, this costume took us 4 hours and 3 people to put it on lah. and, its not the zip and go kind, you practically have to sew the costume on to the dancer lah. how diva is that. and and, the dance peice we are doing is merely a 5 mins item. how diva is that, again! like 4 hours to put on, dance for 5 mins, and then another 30 mins to dismental the costume. and all you have to do is stand there and wait for the costume to be fixed on you.. hahahaha, the thai’s really know how to rock it man..

and then, costume change. we didnt really get a dressing room. they gave us a meeting room so when our dancer, Nunuk has to change, she really need to find a spot. ahaha, the true meaning of the phrase “behind the scene”. cute lei…

and thus, the musicians and the dancer, in another ensemble altogether. this time, the costume is so much more simpler to put on lah. no 4 hours and 3 man’s job…

and the most nicest paparazzi shot of me after the performance.

and so, yesterday, was the best time of the week before a new week start. hmmn.. do i make sense? anyways, my thai music teacher, Koong, is being very generous, kind, loverly and fun enough to organize a BBQ in honour of mu birth anniversary. (remember why i dont called is a birthday but birth anniversary instead? oh, maybe i will explained it later..)

aphichet, edwin, eileen and yat glamming it up.

mingchee, the one ib blue, cooked her famous fried rice and did all the BBQ for me. thanks!

lounging by the pool. its by the pool side party ya’ll.

me, trying to get a shot with mingchee.

le chef and le food.

me and eileen, cam whoring.

the three wonderful ladies who help to cook and organize.

me and koong, my adorable thai teacher.

le food…

yat, trying to fix his bikini strap? muhahahha….

yes, eating and eating and more eating.

me and eileen, more cam-whoring after swimming. oh, someone said i have the same smile for all my photos, is it true? then like that, i need to work on my pictures somemore.. haiz… so difficult.

and edwin decide to cheers it up for me.

lazing lazing.

and its present time. well, i was not expecting presents at all. serious. cause the party is all abit to last min, i wasn;t even expecting people to come. exam period and all. but hey thank you thank you thank you for the present.

group photo. yes yes, i said the “leftover people” really. you know what i mean. its the stayers.. oh, these crowd is so difficult to please….

and one of the present from jan, nunuk and helena. a toy boy, that lights up. yes, it does. all you have to do is to touch his willy and pull it up.

see, told you the head will light up when you pull his willy.

and a perfume from eileen, edwin, alicia, hidayat and khimtiam. thanks ya’ll… its the white musk for men from the bodyshop. nice…

BIG HUGS to everyone that came!
thank you. merci. danke schoene. terima kasih. xie xie.


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