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extracting and rooting on my canals.

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today might be the worst day of my life ever. i had a bloody toothache at night. and i was in great pain lah. cannot sleep. and the hot blinking weather is just not helping. so, i decided to go to the dentist today, this morning to get rid of the pain. as you can see, i am never a big fan of pain.

so, i went to the dentist. i innitally wanted to go to NUH Dentist but the traveling and all that.. too much effort. so i went to Vista Dental Clinic in Chua Chu Kang Central. the dentist was nice lah. gentle and all.. and guess what? after a proper checking ( i have not been to the dentist like forever, say 2 years at least?), he said, my teeth is in a okay situation except for 3 teeth. it was decaying (opps, sweet tooth), and one has completely crashed and burn and cracked and destroyed. so, final verdict, i need 2 root canal, 1 extraction and 2 crowns.

i know, so much, so drastic. i could almost cry there. in pain, in my teeth, in my heart and in my wallet. and its gonna cost me $1200.00 . that is like my whole month’s pay lah. i was very unsure but i was so desperate to get rid of the pain that i just said ok. plus, i dont need to pay all in 1 shot. so, today, they did a root canal on my lower teeth. it was bloody painful lah. they gave me anesthesia, and i cannot feel half of my face. my lips were numb, and i am salivating lah. like one bloody big baby. and i paid $500 bucks today. haiz. i am officially bankrupt. bills and dentist bills kills me this month. there goes my social life this month. oh oh, the whole procedure will take me 2 months. can you imagine. i am going to the dentist every 2 weeks for the next 2 months. sigh…………………..

so anyways, i am in great pain now while i am typing this. urgh… and i am broke. and my birth anniversary is coming up. what a luck.. what a journey…..

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