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you call me up and i have to what?

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ok, last weekend was the weirdest weekend i ever had. ok, not really weird but too many things happened at the same time or that many things happened too fast. ok, i think everything went by witha whoosh. like… whoooosh, and there it goes. if you blink, its gone…
anyways, i had a lazy saturday. woke up late, laze around. had my coffee, then fall asleep again about 12.. and only to be woken up by some random number on my phone at about 2-ish. i know i shouldnt habe picked it up. oh well, its my in-charged from camp lah. he said i was being mobilised and i need to report to camp by 4pm. like 2 pm and repost at 4 pm. a bit tight eh? plus, i need to wear my ever ugly uniform and packed my bag. you know, i have to packed things that is suppose to carry me through war? or something. so, take cab lah. u think i will go out in my uniform and travel all the way from chua chu kang to selarang (changi/pasir ris)? damn far lah… so annoying!!!
anyways, it was weird. i meet my old new camp mates. we booked in. they scanned out ICs and then they checked our bag and make sure we met the neccessary requirement. an hour later, after all the checking, we are allowed to went home. after and hour. like even with cab, i need 30 mins to travel. there for an hour, then go home. another 30 mins. plus, its not cheap lah. 25 each way. like.. wtf????
anyways, reached home, i just realised i have made plans with Rinaz that we are suppose to go for a baby shower for our collegue. in boon lay. sheeesh, i completely forgot about it. and i haven’t even bought presents. its like so rushing lah… run here, run there.. so, anyways, we made it. late. as always. and it was fun.

proud mama…

proud parents and a smiling me.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

then, after the baby shower, i met up with anna and diana. and we went to simpang bedok to eat fored oyster cake and bar chor mee…. tasty lah. and cheap too. and i feel, from my opinion, they sell the best home-made ice lemon tea there. the best thirst quencher.. and cheap too.. so shiok lah! then after that, we were all quite bored, and i was carrying my new SLR camera, so we decided to go to east coast and can whore. hahaha… the best thing to do to topped the day. cam whoring. the weather was perfect lah. nice breeze. just lacking bubbles to complete the whole experience. hahaha… lucky

so, there u go. i still cannot believe i was summoned to camp that afternoon.

yummy right? damn nice lah. JUICY!

the first batch of the fried oyster was too burnt. taste like shit. so we asked for a new one. lucky they didnt make noise. i got camera lor.. the power of media..

the best ice lemon tea… ahh…
and the begning of cam whoring..

and thats me looking stoned..

happy ending…


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musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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