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so songkran…

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last sunday, was songkran. its the thai new year. and annually, we were invited by the thai temple in chua chu kang to perform on the temple ground for good authentic thai food and “good merits”. i mean, we are the fabulous people that will make the festival more festive. so, why not. it was damn fun lah. i was prepared this year to be bombarded and getting splashed on, (which i was and i was soaked to my underwear!) sheeesh, i had to walk home from the temple.. thank god i live quite close. i am sure no cab would want to take me.. i am like a freaking snail.. i leave a trail of water when i walk pass….
the temple gate… damn glam lah.. very glitzy.
chang chang chang chang… (elephants in thai)
and so, the procession starts from outside of the temple ground. with money tree and lots of music and dancing. these thai singaporean really know how to rock up a procession lah.. chingay might want to learn something from these people…
yes, thats me, cam whoring, with powder on my face. use the menthol one somemore, prickly can? haiz……
more posing. with kel and xinwei. the glam trio.
look at Ty, the angmoh in yellow orang t shirt. so concentrate in playing his drum lah. i down there cam whore…

ok, i met her somewhere in NUS but she knows me. and she added more powder to my face lah. like as if i am not white enough..

and thats me after the procession. no no, the watetr splashing have not started yet..

group photo. the one in yellow is hety, this hongkee thing. she is a riot.

nus thai music ensemble, all powdered and ready.

and who can forget the ever gorgiss ms tiffany kay from north carolina, representing Ms Texes, USA.. she is kinda pissed that she got too wet during songkran. too unglam for her lah.. miss universe u know, sayshay. waves.

the monks, are evil. they use water hose and hose at me lah. then sit there and expected not to get wet? like people are splashing water on them like a target board lah. i should have make a counter and ask for 50 cents for every water splashing. i would be rich by now.

oh, and there is a lot of dancing and dancing while the ensemble plays the music. very festive.

the evil girl with a water gun. evil evil!!

more small children. evil lor. make me wet. and knowing that i am holding an electronic device, still want to splash..

haiz, such a wet day. and know wat, it rained later that afternoon. so shiok. i slept all afternoon after that. so shagged playing with water all afternoon…

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