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noy noy noy-ing with the chulas and feeling manohra.

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yes, i was noy noy noy-ing with the chulas. no, not the regular cholas (term used from http://www.dlisted.com/) from the great america, its chula, as in Chulalongkorn University. they came and visit and conquered the thai music scene for 2 weeks and i get to play with them. it was fun. i mean not everyday you the chance to play with real musicians and having the thai ambassador come watching you. ok, not everyday, but at least once a year. hahaha. so, it was fun. was done at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. nice building. nice acoustic rooms too..

anyways, photos below. oh, my NUS Thai music ensemble also made like its own “promotional photos”, like you know, if you want to use or photos for publicity, its that few photos. ownself made. so hence, the mid professioanl quality. hahaha….

the chula’s, in pink!

thats me, playing the ranaat thum..

me and koong, my thai music teacher.

more of me, as always. i always looks spastic when i play music.. sigh..

and that is after the concert. we need to move back the instruments back to our music room by ourself. can you imagine? like, over the hills and down the plains just to sent the instruments back? why must NUS be so hilly?

and thats me with koong’s tail from teh dance costume. feeling “manoorah*”.

*Also known simply as nora, this is Southern Thailand’s equivalent to Li-khe and the oldest surviving Thai dance-drama. The basic story line bears some similarities to the Ramayana. In this case the protagonist, Prince Suthon, set off to rescue the kidnapped Manohra, a kinnari or women-bird princess.

and me again, doing the beyonce-shake-your-booty-thingy in “crazy in love”. uh-huh, uh-huh…

. . . . . . . . . .

and lastly, our promo photos. photoshoppped a bit. bad background.

glam or not?


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