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babies and shaking

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last sunday was such a busy day lah. i had angklung performance in Potong Pasir. like 10 mins performance, but then, travel 1 hour just to get there….hmmmppfff….

anyways, before that, i was at my aunts. remember Iskandar, my new cousin, which is like only 5 months old only… yeah, the last time i saw him was during the kenduri, which is like, ions ago. so i went to visit them last sunday before my performance. and boy, does baby grow at a very fast rate, like damn fast or wat? last time, he was this curly, wrinkly little thing, and now he can laugh and he drools alot. cute lah… now i wish i have a baby too.. (father instinct kicking in?? maybe?) but then, having a baby, like so… tough. i like babies but not when they grow up. its too much annoyance. i know exactly ok. i teach in a primary school… damn sians… kids from 7 onwards are little brats devils…

anyways, photos camwhoring time. as always. sooo cute!!!

my best fierce looking pose with a baby.. spastic as always…

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