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Hard. Disk. Speakers.

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i had a kind of fun weekend. i went to the IT Fair. it was ok lah. crowded like hell. seriously, such event, people should not bring their toddlers, kids and ah-ma’s and ah-pa’s in wheelchairs. there is not enough space for us normal human beings to walk comfortably already, then bring senior citizens to such places…

anyways, i spent quite.. a few, knowingly that i have almost spent 600 bucks in Solo..
so, i bought a new hard disk and speakers. huge speakers, with sub woofer. whee… all my music will sound even louder.. anyways, my old hard disk, a nice looking (only) Seagate FreeAgent 250GB decided to crash. yes. kaput. all my pictues, portfolio, designs, all gone. yes, i know i am suppose to make back up but the hard disk was suppose to be my back up. so, now its all gone. i dunno how to retrive it anymore. i have asked at the service center how much is it to get it fix or possible retirve my data and they quote me some price that was beyond extortion. really.

so dissapointing. never again with seagate. so nonsense. so, i bought myself a Western Digital Element 250GB Hard Disk. USB powered. whee… working ok so far. and its so small. 2.5 inches only… wheee….

in anycase, i miss Solo, still…. the place is haunting me. the music, the culture and the food.. still haunting me…. i cannot wait till october!!!


Author: musxzart

musxzart is a digital enthusiast who loves food, music, traveling, designing, photography and shopping.

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